Filter Cartridge for the Retention of Colloids and Wine Spoilage Microbes: Sartobev®

The Sartobev® cartridge is constructed by one single PESU membrane. This filter allows you to combine the colloid retention in a single cartridge for quality brightness and retention of wine spoilage microbes (yeasts and some bacteria). Used as final filters or pre filters before bottling, these filters have the advantage of being integrity testable to assess their filtration quality.

  • Excellent throuhgput and flowrate
  • Integrity test in correlation with challenge bacterial
  • Resistant to heat sterilization (steam or hot water)
  • Integrity testable
  • Resistance to chemical regeneration, compatible with pH between 1 and 14
  • Quality assurance certificate supplied in each box of cartridges
  • Filter conforms to the EU regulation 1935/2004/EC and FDA, meet CFR title21

Sartobev®* Example References:

Pore sizeApplicationReference
1 µmRetention of the majority of yeasts5312524A3

* For a cartridge 30" (75 cm) in height with an adapter in the filter housing for two O-rings and two bayonets.



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