Protein Expression Systems

Express your protein through upstream process development

Expressing your protein is an essential requirement in your drug development cycle. Our leading protein expression systems begin at cell line development where we have worked with over 75 cell lines, through to cell bank manufacturing and characterization, both of which are fully cGMP compliant.

Achieve high performing titers

Proven by >75 cell lines, with 95% expressing 3 - 8 g/L

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Manufacture your cell banks in our closed-system facility

Our new closed-system, single-use and fully cGMP compliant facility ensures your cell banks are manufactured to the highest of standards

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Over 150 characterized cell banks

With over 10 years' experience in cell bank characterization, working with over 50 different clients, we are your experts.

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Benefit from our total solution

Cell Line & Upstream Process Development

We are leading providers of cell line and upstream process development services for large-scale protein production of biopharmaceuticals in mammalian (CHO) cells, specifically for the industrial production environment.

Based on our in-depth expertise, know-how, and intellectual property, we have devised a unique CHO Expression Platform, which is the most competitive system available on the market. The platform delivers a high yielding, stable cell line, and robust, simple, fed-batch process via 4 key components which takes your product from DNA to RCB in just 4 months:

  •     Expression Vector
  •     Host Cell Line
  •     CHO Media System
  •     Upstream Process Design

Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to work with difficult to express proteins, and the consistency of our CHO Expression Platform is evident in our successful track record by consistently producing titers of 3 g/L or more, plus market approval.

Cell Bank Manufacturing & Characterization

We pride ourselves in providing an industry leading closed-system, single-use and fully cGMP compliant cell banking manufacturing process with comprehensive PAT options available. Our facility offers:

  •     Automatic vial filling system
  •     500 vial cell banks at 1-3x10⁷ cells per vials
  •     Controlled rate cryopreservation
  •     Fully integrated cell bank testing services

We also provide comprehensive cell bank characterization which is vital for safety and control of the product to ensure it is free from adventitious agents.

All our cell bank characterization services are conducted to cGMP standards and according to ICH Q6B guidelines, providing experienced and expert advice on the most efficient testing package to suit your drug development requirements.

Discover Our Expertise

Market-leading timelines

Get your cell bank & upstream process & optimized media system within a blink of an eye - DNA to RCB in 4 months, DNA to MCB in 10 months

  • Superior technology

95% of our > 75 cell lines express 3 - 8 g/L

  • Customer service excellence

“More than 3 g/L after just 4 months to RCB plus upstream process – CellcaCHO is my favourite!” - CellcaCHO customer

  • Ultimate flexibility

Start, stop, or change the scope anytime, free of charge

  • Full project control

You will always be advised by our excellent experts - the final decision is yours!

  • Royalty-free business model

Easy out-licensing of your programs

  • Ready-to-use

Save the time & money for process and media development - our cell lines are delivered directly with our platform upstream process & optimized media

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