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Sartorius pipette tips are well known of their high quality and purity, designed for the most demanding applications. They are designed to perfectly fit with Sartorius pipettes. Our versatile pipette system provides flexibility for the end-user and can be used with multiple pipette tip options.

Products listed under Tips in Stock are available in our local warehouses for immediate deliveries.

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Pipette tips in stock program is available for selected products in Europe and North America.

Product Name | Volume | Qty

Cat. No.

SafetySpace® Filtered Tips, 10µl, 10x96 tips

790011F   Buy Now

SafetySpace® Filtered Tips, 20µl, 10x96 tips

790021F  Buy Now

SafetySpace® Filtered Tips, 120µl, 10x96 tips

790101F   Buy Now

SafetySpace® Filtered Tips, 200µl, 10x96 tips

790201F  Buy Now

Product Name | Volume | Qty

Cat. No.

SafetySpace® Filtered Tips, 300µl, 10x96 tips

     790301F    Buy Now

SafetySpace® Filtered Tips, 1000µl, 10x96 tips

      791001F    Buy Now

SafetySpace® Filtered Tips, 1200µl, 10x96 tips

      791211F      Buy Now

SafetySpace® Filtered Tips, 5000µl, 10x96 tips

LH-795001F Buy Now

Product Name | Volume | Qty

Cat. No.

Optifit Tips, 10µl, 10x96 tips

790010   Buy Now

Optifit Tips, 200µl, 10x96 tips

790200  Buy Now

Optifit Tips, 1000µl, 10x96 tips

791000   Buy Now

Optifit Tips - Wide Bore, 1000µl, 10x96 tips 

791020    Buy Now

Product Name | Volume | Qty

Cat. No.

Optifit Tips, 1200µl, 10x96 tips

791200           Buy Now

Optifit Tips - Extended, 1200µl, 10x96 tips

791210            Buy Now

Optifit Tips, 5000µl, 10x50 tips

780304         Buy Now

Optifit Tips, 10000µl, 10x35 tips

LH-780314   Buy Now

Program Terms & Conditions

  • Product selection may be adjusted according market needs without prior notice.
  • For orders greater than 10 units, for a single catalog number, please contact Sartorius Customer Service for delivery time:
    • Europe:
      • Phone: +49.551.308.0
      • Email: eShop-Europe@Sartorius.com
    • North America:
      • Phone +1.631.254.4249
      • Email: lps.opm.na@sartorius.com
  • Ship complete -  By selecting this delivery option, you acknowledge that when you order tips in stock items together with other products in a single order, tips in stock lead times may not apply.


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