Picus® Electronic Pipette

Picus® has been phased out. If you have this product, you can find useful contents on this page. If you are looking to purchase new pipettes shift to our new electronic pipette Picus® 2 and discover a variety of benefits:

  • Easily connect with bluetooth
  • Enjoy working with a lightweight pipette
  • Speed up you work
  • Be on the Safe Side
  • Clean easily

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Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette

Switch to Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette and be connected for the future with bluetooth connectivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should buy the Picus® 2 electronic pipette to take your productivity to the next level as you can easily connect it to your mobile device.

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Create a pipetting program as you would normally. After program is ready, click the hotkey and select memory slot to save to with adjustment wheel. Click softkey for Save and enter a name for the program.

Click hotkey and select the program with adjustment wheel. Slick softkey for Ok to load saved program.

All the advanced functions can be activated per mode. First select pipetting mode you want to use, and then use the softkey for ADV to select advanced mode to use in conjunction.

This might happen if after dispensing the tip is close to liquid. When dispensing, press and hold the operating button as long as the tip is inside vessel. Only release the operating button once the tip is far enough from liquid.

In many cases the battery will last full working day without charging. By using charging stands the battery will charge anytime the pipette is placed on a stand, virtually eliminating the possibility to run out of battery.

Picus® pipettes have three options for charging, USB AC adapter with cable, Charging stand for 1 pipette, or charging carousel for 4 pipettes. Stands are the most convenient way to charge the battery. USB cable can be used for charging while pipetting. Stands and USB adapter are available separately.

Pipetting Resources

Pipetting Resources

Product Guide

Pipetting Made Simple with the Ultimate Pipette Buyers Guide for 2024

Pipette selection, pipetting techniques and more - it's all right here in our buyers guide. This page is a one-stop shop for everything you need.

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Picus® and Picus® Nxt Brochure​

Download Picus® Nxt electronic pipette brochure.

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User Guide

Picus® and Picus® Nxt User Manual​

Download Picus® and Picus®  Nxt electronic pipette user manual.

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