Picus® Nxt Electronic Pipette

Picus® Nxt has been phased out and is replaced by Picus® 2. If you still have this product, you can find useful contents on this page.

Interested in being connected to the future? Then shift to our new electronic pipette Picus® 2 and discover a variety of benefits:

  • Easily connect with bluetooth
  • Enjoy working with a lightweight pipette
  • Speed up you work
  • Be on the Safe Side
  • Clean easily

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Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should buy the Picus® 2 electronic pipette to take your productivity to the next level as you can easily connect it to your mobile device.

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Create a pipetting program as you would normally. After program is ready, click the hotkey and select memory slot to save to with adjustment wheel. Click softkey for Save and enter a name for the program.

Pipetting program is maximum single pipetting mode and advanced function combination, e.g. Pipetting + mixing. Pipetting protocol can consist of multiple pipetting modes and advanced functions, e.g. Pipetting, multi-dispensing, and again pipetting with mixing. A protocol makes repetitive work faster, as you don't need to manually change the pipette settings between steps, and it also ensures that everyone performs it the same way.

User sets last calibration or maintenance date in settings, along with desired time or cycle interval. The pipette will alert the user 2 weeks before maintenance or calibration is due, and again at the due date.

Picus® Nxt has 2 passwords, one for admin and one for user. With admin password you can protect settings and saved programs and protocols. User can still use all the features and saved programs and protocols, but not change them. User password is used to restrict who can use the pipette.

Accredited calibration certificates are produced in calibration laboratory with ISO 17025 accreditation. 

Pipetting Resources

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Pipetting Resources

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Picus® and Picus® Nxt Brochure​

Download Picus® and Picus®  Nxt electronic pipette brochure.

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User Guide

Picus® and Picus® Nxt User Manual​

Download Picus® and Picus®  Nxt electronic pipette user manual.

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