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Biostat STR® and RM — an Unrivaled Modular Seed Train for Process Intensification 

Many biopharmaceutical manufacturers won’t achieve the full impact of perfusion-based process intensification because they lack the technology to develop processes that transfer to manufacturing scale. 

In this webinar, Sartorius experts present a modular, perfusion-enabled seed train featuring the Biostat® RM followed by a seamless seed transfer to the Biostat STR® which, combined with ATF filtration and PAT, enables implementation at large scale 

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Key Learning Objectives
  1. Explore a modular, perfusion-enabled intensified seed train concept 

  2. Determine the appropriate seed train concept to meet specific needs 

  3. Assess the time/cost benefits based on pre-determined process type (e.g., fed-batch, n-1 perfusion, etc.) and scalable process development 

Meet Our Expert

Dr. Yuliya Mikhed 

Product Manager Biostat RM Bioreactors

Dr. Yuliya Mikhed, product manager at Sartorius, holds global responsibility for the Biostat® RM portfolio, including hardware and corresponding single-use consumables. 

Yuliya studied medicinal chemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago and earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in molecular biology from Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. She published multiple peer-reviewed articles in the field of free radical biology and DNA mutagenesis. 

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