Commercial Manufacturing with Biostat STR® Generation 3 and Biobrain® Automation Platform

The Biostat STR® Generation 3 Single-Use Bioreactor System is now powered by Biobrain®, our new automation platform with data-driven software and a comprehensive suite of analytical tools. The system easily integrates into your existing automation infrastructure and consistently delivers outstanding speed, quality, and productivity so you can focus on bringing safe, effective, and affordable life-changing biopharmaceuticals to market.

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Biostat STR® and new automation platform is now compatible with Emerson Delta V™ as well as Siemens PCS7 allowing it to be used as standalone or integrated into distributed control systems 

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Maximize Your Quality, Consistency, and Productivity

Biostat STR® is engineered for highly efficient mixing and high oxygen transfer. In addition to the standard features, you can incorporate advanced features such as an integrated spectroscopy port, Repligen’s XCell™ ATF cell retention device, BioPAT® process control tools and software, and sophisticated analytics. Biostat STR® delivers: 

  • Superior cell viability and density
  • Higher product purity
  • Lower risk of batch loss or inconsistencies
  • Improved process understanding, control, and productivity
  • Systematic cost savings at all phases of production

Adapt and Enhance Your Process

Based on the architecture of the Biobrain® automation platform, the Biostat STR® system allows you the flexibility and power to quickly and easily make configuration changes. The system simplifies technology transfer between production scales, ensures consistent quality, lowers regulatory risks, and reduces total costs. Biostat STR® enables you to:

  • Choose your ideal configuration of pumps, balances, sensors, and other equipment, then update as needed, often with a simple software change
  • Predict conditions required to accurately scale your process using our BioPAT® scaling tool 
  • Gain an in-depth understanding and precise control of your process utilizing the extensive range of software and analytics in the BioPAT® toolbox 
  • Execute all functions natively in your Delta V™ system 
  • Customize your process by leveraging our experienced engineering design and technical support teams to select from our broad range of robust technologies and analytical tools 

BioPAT® Toolbox

The BioPAT® toolbox helps you realize the full potential of intensified processing by improving output through automated feed and bleed, better process visibility, and by reducing risks associated with manual sampling and control.

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Biostat STR® Generation 3 Configurations

Our commerical manufacturing solutions have been predesigned into three configurations with flexible options and easy upgrades. Select the configuration that best fits your current needs and can conveniently adapt to any future requirements.



Performance Plus

  Perfusion ready

Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) Toolbox

  BioPAT® Foam



  BioPAT® Trace



  BioPAT® Viamass



  BioPAT® Xgas



  BioPAT® Spectro



  Electrochemical pH sensor


  No. of external pumps




  Load cells

  Mass flow controller




  Flexsafe STR® bags

  Sartocheck® bag tester



Integration Capabilities

  Recipe editing and execution

  Local data storage

  Native Emerson DeltaV™

  Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7

  Process design support and services

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Biostat STR® Generation 3 and Biobrain® Automation Platform for Commercial Manufacturing

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A Rapid, Low-risk Approach for Process Transfer of Biologics from Development to Manufacturing Scale

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