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  • Webinar - A Flexible and intensified seed train to boost Biopharma Productivity

Biopharma manufacturers need adaptable, efficient facilities that support varied products and production demands. Process intensification (PI) and perfusion processes can help meet these challenges.

Sartorius’ modular intensified seed train solution — the Biostat® RM, Biostat® STR, and Biobrain® — increase flexibility, productivity and efficiency in biopharma manufacturing. Watch the webinar to learn how.

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What Will You Learn:
  • Discover a fully integrated seed train solution — Biostat® RM, Biostat® STR, and Biobrain® automation.

  • Explore the flexible modular concept of the perfusion-enabled intensified seed train.

  • Assess the time/cost benefits based on selected seed train configurations. 

Meet Our Experts:

Dr. Yuliya Mikhed 

Product Manager Biostat RM Bioreactors

Dr. Yuliya Mikhed, product manager at Sartorius, holds global responsibility for the Biostat® RM portfolio, including hardware and corresponding single-use consumables. 

Yuliya studied medicinal chemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago and earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in molecular biology from Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. She published multiple peer-reviewed articles in the field of free radical biology and DNA mutagenesis. 

Matthew Houser

Product Manager Biostat STR®

Matthew Houser is global product manager at Sartorius for the Biostat STR® single-use bioreactor hardware. For over eight years, he has worked in various field positions providing applications support for Sartorius bioreactor and PAT products.

Prior to joining Sartorius, Matthew spent a decade developing upstream processes for microbial and live virus vaccines. He holds bachelor and master degrees in Biochemistry, and expertise in biosafety and pathogen fermentations.

Originally from the Philadelphia region, Matthew is now based at Sartorius headquarters in Germany.

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