Pandemic Preparedness: Accelerating Vaccine Development in a Pandemic

Products and Solutions for Vaccine Development in Virus Outbreaks

For the last decade, Sartorius has collaborated with biopharmaceutical companies to help manufacture vaccines for infectious disease outbreaks and pandemics like Ebola, Zika, and H1N1. The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed us to build on this foundation — and learn even more about pandemic preparedness.  

We learned the importance of dedicated partnerships among various industry stakeholders. We also learned that disruptive technologies, such as mRNA vaccines, are essential to respond with agility — and to deliver life-saving vaccines today and beyond.

Sartorius stands ready to help our customers reimagine their businesses — so they can, in turn, deliver the next generation of life-saving vaccines.

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Learnings From the Pandemic

Our vaccine experts Amélie Boulais and Piergiuseppe Nestola talk about trending topics around COVID-19 and what to consider for future pandemics.

Featured eBook: Success at Speed

Success at Speed is a collection of articles documenting each step in the journey and how technology and partnerships make the difference in getting medicines to patients when they need them most:

Table of Contents:

Part 1 – The Need for Speed and Safety
Part 2 – Regulatory Considerations
Part 3 – Vaccine Modalities
Part 4 – Commercial Manufacturing
Part 5 – Reducing Costs
Part 6 – Logistics and Global Availability
Part 7 – Progress Over Time
Part 8 – Lessons to Be Learned

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Partnering to Shape Agile Vaccine Development

Vaccine Development Platforms

Preparing for the next pandemic will take multiple vaccine platforms, including traditional and emerging technologies. Our interactive process flow diagrams allow you to explore the challenges, and Sartorius’ solutions, for:

  • Virus-based vaccines, including inactivated viral vaccines and live-attenuated viral vaccines 
  • Viral vector vaccines, based on enveloped and non-enveloped vectors, as well as other commonly used vectors
  • Nucleic acid vaccines, either plasmid DNA or a messenger RNA molecule coding for a disease-specific antigen (such as the mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 coding for the spike protein on the SARS-CoV-2 virus)
  • Recombinant protein vaccines, which consist of viral or bacterial antigen produced using recombinant technology

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Applying Lessons Learned From COVID-19 to Biologics Manufacturing

The industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic proved the importance of collaboration to reimagine vaccine development. Sartorius can help you:

  • Reduce risk associated with implementing next-generation vaccine platforms
  • Focus attention and resources on target viruses that have the potential to create pandemics
  • Gain flexibility to increase product capacity and decrease time to market

Unlock the Potential Of the mRNA Vaccine Platform

mRNA vaccines are positioned to revolutionize the industry, simplifying development and increasing manufacturing speed. Our vaccine specialists can help you:

  • Explore mRNA vaccines as a true platform that can produce vaccines against multiple unmet clinical needs
  • Use innovative technology platforms to decrease footprint while increasing efficiency and throughput
  • Optimize next-generation vaccines for regulatory approvals

Future-Proof Your Vaccine Development and Manufacturing Programs

The industry must increase its agility and flexibility if we are to be prepared for the next pandemic.

  • Adopt single-use technologies to increase operational flexibility and efficiency while reducing capital infrastructure costs
  • Focus early on process understanding to ensure rapid manufacturing scale-up
  • Build flexible facilities dedicated to vaccine production, capable of rapid response to a pandemic

Insights and Expertise from Sartorius Scientists

Sartorius has collaborated with industry participants to develop and manufacture COVID-19 vaccines. There are many lessons from this process, and our team of experts share their knowledge and insights in a variety of resources. Prepare for the next pandemic with Sartorius at your side — learn from our experts and feel free to contact us to engage in further discussions.

On-Demand Webinars:

Sartorius has presented its capacity to support the industry to develop and manufacture a COVID-19 vaccine in a series of webinars. From processes overviews to deep dives into specific technologies and Services, listen to our experts and feel free to contact us to engage in further discussions.


Expediting Viral-Based Vaccines Development in Upstream Processing

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Expediting Viral-Based Vaccines Development in Downstream Processing

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Accelerating Vaccine Development with Standard Single-Use Solutions

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Flexible and Scalable Strategies for Upstream Vaccine Development

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Covid-19: Integrated Solutions to Accelerate Vaccine Production

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Viral Vector Based Vaccine Development for Covid-19

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Sartobind® Membrane Chromatography for Virus Purification

The webinar will outline the use of Sartobind® membrane chromatography for the purification of virus-based biologics also linking to the current COVID...

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Protein Expression Platform

Fast Development of Coronavirus Vaccines

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Virus Counter Platform

Accelerate Vaccine Development With Rapid Total Particle Quantification

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Virus Expression Platform

Fast Development of Coronavirus Vaccines

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How to Use Data Analytics for Accelerating Vaccine Development

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A Data Driven Approach to Vaccine Scale-up and Tech Transfer

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White Paper

Integrated Technologies to Accelerate Process Intensification for Viral Vaccine Manufacturing

PDF | 1.1 MB

Adenovirus Downstream Process Intensification Implementation of a Membrane Adsorber

PDF | 222.9 KB

Rapid Total Particle Quantification for Viral Families With High Potential for Pathogenic Emergence

PDF | 949.7 KB
Application Note

Design of Experiments for Optimal Production of Malaria Vaccines With Pichia Pastoris

PDF | 2.7 MB
Application Note

Comparing Multiuse and Single-Use Bioreactors for Virus Production

PDF | 515.6 KB

Enabling Viral Vaccine Production: Implementing Process-Scale Adenovirus Purification with a Single-Use Platform

PDF | 410.4 KB
Success Story

ABL Europe’s New Production Facility for the GMP Manufacture of Viral Vectors

PDF | 7.6 MB

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