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Expediting Viral-Based Vaccines Development and Increasing Productivity

Part 2 Downstream Processing

We are all witness to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, as it is bringing economies and life in general to a halt. In response to this pandemic, there are more than 90 vaccine candidates today that are in pre-clinical phase, with a few companies entering clinical trial phase I. We know that speed is of essence and that scale-up to large-scale production needs to be achieved by strategically balancing risks and speed.

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Key Learning Objectives
  1. This presentation will first describe how using automatic multi parallel testing tools and design of experiment software can significantly accelerate the development of viral-based vaccines purification.
  2. The first Ambr®️ system applied to Downstream Processing - Ambr®️ crossflow – capable of performing up to 16 trials in parallel, will be introduced to show how it can accelerate the optimization of the ultrafiltration and diafiltration steps.
  3. Second, case studies, including adenovirus and infuenza viruses purification, will show how Sartobind® membrane chromatography provides up to 10 times higher binding capacity and 20 times higher flow rates than traditional resins in commercial production.
  4. Downstream process performance can further be improved, combining membrane chromatography with modern continuous processing approach and multi variate monitoring software provide simplified and intensified downstream process operations and predictive control for the future viral based vaccines.

Meet Our Experts

Amélie Boulais
Marketing Manager New Generation Vaccines

Amélie Boulais is Marketing Manager – new generation vaccines – at Sartorius. She is analyzing the trends of the vaccine industry in order to define best-in-class solutions with the required associated Process Development support and related services for vaccine applications.

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