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As a science-driven company and recognized leader of best-in-class albumin-enabled solutions, Albumedix enables the development and commercialisation of advanced therapies and next-generation biopharmaceuticals to the benefit of people worldwide.

Albumedix empowers excellence in your applications; combining high-quality, safe & consistent recombinant human albumin products, bespoke service packages tailor-made to enable your success, and innovative technologies.

Sartorius Completes Acquisition of Albumedix

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Recombumin® Recombinant Human Albumin

Find high-quality animal and human-origin-free recombinant human albumins in the Recombumin® product portfolio.

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Innovation & Compliance Services

Our experts can help increase your likelihood of technical success or navigate complex quality, technical or regulatory challenges.

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Veltis® Technology

Our proprietary drug delivery platform uses engineered recombinant albumin for optimal therapeutic performance of your API.

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Albumin Applications

Cell Therapy

Recombumin® products are used in a range of cell therapy media and products offering increased viability, consistency and security.

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Viral vector-based technologies

Looking to improve stability, dose control, transduction efficiency or production yield? Albumin could be the natural solution.

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Vaccine Stabilization

Recombumin® products protects vaccines from sheer stress, surface adsorption and provides thermal stability to sensitive vaccines.

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Protein and Peptide Stabilization

Our products have a long history in the stabilization of proteins and peptides by preventing aggregation, surface adsorption and oxidation.

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Medical Device Coating

The properties of recombinant human albumins make them the natural, fully biocompatible choice for medical device coatings.

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They are manufactured at our site in Nottingham, UK from our proprietary Saccharomyces yeast strains, at ICH Q7 cGMP standards. As such it is the highest quality animal origin-free rAlb product commercially available.

Yes – As an example, Recombumin® is already used in two marketed vaccine products; Merck & Co’s MMR®-II and Proquad® childhood vaccine.

Please visit our Recombumin® product page for further product information or to submit an inquiry.


Now Part of Sartorius

In recent years, Sartorius has been continuously making acquisitions, expanding its portfolio by new, complementary technologies.

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