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Sartobind® Membrane Chromatography for Virus Purification

The webinar will outline the use of Sartobind® membrane chromatography for the purification of virus-based biologics also linking to the current COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The presentation will cover the use of virus-based biologics in different biotherapeutic approaches and clearly illustrate the properties and advantages of the Sartobind® portfolio in this context.

Application data on Adenovirus and Influenza virus purification is used to showcase the advantages of the proposed solutions with respect to process performance and product quality.

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Key Learning Objectives

  1. Learn more about where viruses are used in therapeutic and preventive applications and gain insights into vaccine development strategies for COVID-19
  2. Understand the advantages of membrane chromatography for virus purification with respect to product purity and productivity increase
  3. Listen to case studies on adenovirus and influenza virus purification that illustrate the application of membrane chromatography for viruses and large molecules in general

Meet Our Experts

Ricarda Busse, PhD

Product Manager Membrane Chromatography Consumables

Dr. Ricarda Busse joined Sartorius Stedim Biotech in February 2018 as a Product Manager for Membrane Chromatography. She started her career in 2014 in the biotechnology industry and specialized in affinity chromatography for protein production and bioprocessing.

Carsten Voss , PhD

Product Manager Chromatography Consumables

Dr. Carsten Voss joined Sartorius Stedim Biotech in January 2020 as Product Manager for Chromatography Consumables. He has more than 20 years of experience in bioprocess and downstream processing. Previous to Sartorius he worked for Bio-Rad Laboratories as application manager for the process chromatography business. He also held senior positions at a CMO and an engineering company. Dr. Voss is also associate professor for biochemical engineering.

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