Prefilters with Ultra-high Capacity

Outstanding Throughput

Save significant costs and optimize your process flow by using our prefilters with two-times higher capacities and exceptional clarification performance. Increase the life span of your downstream unit operations using our wide range of prefiltration solutions.

Powerful Filter Combination: Prefilter Sartoguard | Sterile Filter Sartopore® 2 XLM

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Sartoguard Membrane Prefilters for mAb

Ultimate Sterile Filter Protection: Sartoguard prefilters can significantly downsize your process and reduce your total filtration costs. You will ben...

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Sartoclean® Membrane Prefilters for Vaccines, Blood and Plasma

Highest Product Yield: When cost reduction matters, choose Sartoclean® to optimally protect your Sartobran® sterile filters. Maximize your yield by le...

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Sartopure® Synthetic Depth Filters

Unmatched Clarification Capacity: Sartopure® utilizes unique polypropylene fleeces or highly adsorptive glass fiber filter materials to provide the hi...

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Flexible & Customized: Filter Transfer Sets

Use our pre-sterilized filter assemblies consisting of prefilters, pre-connected tubing and aseptic connectors for sterile connection to your process...

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Everything for Your Setup: Housings, Holders and Accessories

Establish a basis of steel. Customized stainless steel solutions and specified accessories. 

Liquid Filter Housings
Midicaps® Filter Holders
Maxicaps® Filter Holders
Filter Integrity Tester
Removable Heaters
Pressure Vessels

Extractables and Leachables Testing

Ensuring Safe Adoption of Single-Use Systems in Biopharmaceuticals.

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Laboratory Weighing Services

You Can Count on Our Support

Trust our comprehensive range of services for your sterile filtration processes: We gladly assist you with tasks like filter validation, process optim...

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