Improve the Performance of Crossflow Operations of Human Plasma Derived Products

Concentration and diafiltration are commonly used methods in plasma purification. Crossflow operations for immunoglobulin and albumin require large installations for which the hardware, consumables and operational process parameters are critical to the overall performance of the unit operation. They have become incrementally important due to the growing market demand of plasma derived medicinal products with immunoglobulin as the main industry driver.

In this webinar, Peter Schmidt, Application Specialist Manager Crossflow Technologies, and Geert Lissens, PhD, Head of Segment Marketing Blood and Plasma, both at Sartorius Stedim Biotech, present process challenges and typical operational process parameters for selected plasma crossflow applications and how those parameters influence product yield and the total process time of the unit operation over the lifespan of the crossflow cassettes.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Challenges with crossflow operations in PMDPs (plasma derived medicinal products)
  2. Technical requirements for immunoglobulin and albumin concentration and diafiltration operations
  3. Productivity determination of crossflow operations

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