Sterile Filtration

Pioneering Sterile Filtration

Streamline Your Process with the Inventor of Membrane Filtration

Whether your challenge is capacity, flow rate or yield, Sartorius provides the most advanced sterile filters. Take advantage of our process optimization services to speed up your process development and complete your process validation with confidence.

Sartopore® Platinum Family - A New Class of Sterile Filtration

The advanced Sartopore® Platinum sterile filters eliminate retesting and minimize flushing volumes through a unique surface modified  PES membran...

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Sartopore® 2 for Conventional Sterile Filtration

Sartopore® 2 provides the broadest range of PES membrane combinations that perfectly adapt to all types of products, media and buffers in any process....

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Increasing Efficiency in Cell Culture Media Filtration

The Sartopore® 2 XLG, XLI and XLM filters have been proven as sterilizing-grade and mycoplasma retentive filters that are able to significantly increase the performance of media filtration steps in biomanufacturing processes.

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Reducing Total Cost of Ownership in Media Filtration

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Sartobran® P Sterile Filters for Vaccines, Blood & Plasma

Low Binding High Yield: The Sartobran® P sterile filter maximizes your yield. Our unique cellulose acetate membrane provides the lowest possible bindi...

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Sartolon Sterile Filter for Antibiotics and Organic Solvents

High Chemical Resistance: The nylon membrane of Sartolon sterilizing-grade filters is specifically used for applications with aggressive solvents or s...

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Flexible & Customized: Filter Transfer Sets

Use our pre-sterilized filter assemblies consisting of prefilters, pre-connected tubing and aseptic connectors for sterile connection to your process...

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Everything for Your Setup: Holders and Accessories

Discover the world around filters. Housings for conventional filtration processes, special holders for single-use capsules and specific accessories.

Liquid Filter Housings

Midicaps® Filter Holders

Removable Heaters

Maxicaps® Filter Holders

Filter Integrity Tester

Pressure Vessels

Extractables and Leachables Testing

Ensuring Safe Adoption of Single-Use Systems in Biopharmaceuticals.

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Laboratory Weighing Services

You Can Count on Our Support

Trust our comprehensive range of services for your sterile filtration processes: We gladly assist you with tasks like filter validation, process optim...

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