Highest Virus Safety for Your Patient

Virus Filtration

Reliable Retention Under All Circumstances

Sartorius virus filtration technology assures the most reliable virus retention even under challenging process conditions. You will benefit from our advanced asymmetric membrane structure that ensures no impact on virus retention through pressure variations, high loads or process interruptions.

Virus Clearance Strategy: Choose Your Perfect Fit

Ensuring virus safety for the final product by applying appropriate virus clearance strategies and meeting current guidelines.

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Find the Right Virus Filter for Your Needs

Virosart® HF Single-use Filter for MAb

The Virosart® HF ready-to-use virus filter is compact and powerful, reducing footprint by 90%. The single-use design is gamma compatible and easy to implement into mAb processes, and helps to cut costly sanitizing and flushing volumes by 80%.

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Virosart® HC Developed for Blood & Plasma

The Virosart® HC virus filter speeds up your manufacturing processes by eliminating the need for pre-flushing. Gain flexibility with the ability to use existing housings or single-use capsules.

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Virosart® Max Adsorptive Virus Pre-filter

Virosart® Max adsorptive virus pre-filters offer complete flexibility, and scale with your process to reduce total filtration costs.

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Virosart® CPV for Robust and Efficient Virus Removal

Virosart® CPV is a well-established virus retentive filter within the monoclonal antibody market. The Virosart® CPV is the optimal solution for easy to filter feed streams.

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Virosart® Media for Cell Culture Media

Virosart® Media provides a cost effective solution for flexible and scalable upstream media virus filtration steps. The filter offers capacities of ≥ 4 LRV for small, non-enveloped viruses and ≥  6 LRV for large, enveloped viruses.

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Virus Clearance Validation

Mitigate the risks of low LRV results in GLP studies with Confidence® Virus Clearance Services, which eliminate the top reasons for study failure.

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Webinar on Sartorius End-to-End, Single-Use Downstream Solution

Learn how Sartorius' new, single-use technologies meet the growing demands of clinical and commercial biopharmaceutical environments.

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Ensuring High Virus Clearance Using AEX Membrane Adsorbers

Gain insight into best practices for optimization and sizing of AEX membrane adsorbers for purification processes.

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Virus Removal in Blood and Plasma Manufacturing

Learn why emerging viruses challenge established virus safety concepts and how Sartorius can help improve virus clearance strategies.

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Filtration Technologies - An Overview

Learn more about reliable and complete solutions for virus filtration

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Process Optimization Strategies for Virus Filtration

Learn about validation strategies and best practices for integrity testing of virus filters and adsorptive pre-filters.

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Virus Filtration Using a High-Throughput Parvovirus-Retentive Membrane

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Current Thinking in Viral Safety: Risk Management Protects Patients

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Everything for Your Setup

Holders and Accessories

The family of Sartorius filter holders features the latest advances in design for full flexibility. Here you will find the right holder and accessories for performing your process with quality and success.

Liquid Filter Housings

Filter Integrity Tester

Maxicaps® Filter Holders

Midicaps® Filter Holders

Pressure Vessels

Laboratory Weighing Services

You Can Count on Our Support

Trust our comprehensive range of services for your virus filtration processes: We gladly assist you with tasks like process validation, process...

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