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Virus Clearance Strategy: Choose Your Perfect Fit

Tailored Solutions, Individual Support and Quick Access to Spiking Studies

Ensuring virus safety for the final product by applying appropriate virus clearance strategies and meeting current guidelines. Choose your perfect fit from the Sartorius virus clearance strategy summarizing orthogonal technologies, manufacturing solutions, validation support and consultancy.

Design your individual strategy with support from Sartorius product experts.

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Poster on Robust Parvo Virus (MVM) Clearance

Learn why membrane adsorbers are perfectly suited for flow through chromatography operations where virus clearance is expected.

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Unique Orthogonal Platform for State of the Art Virus Clearance

Sartorius' unique orthogonal platform for fast and state of the art virus clearance helps your team to meet and exceed regulatory requirements for every application. Sartorius offers a portfolio of reliable products that are scalable and flexible to your process. See how Sartobind® membrane chromatography and Virosart® filtration are evolving quantitative virus clearance. Enhance the process with the Flexact® VI system for low pH virus inactivation or the Flexact® VR for virus filtration.

Virus Retentive Membranes for Every Application

Sartorius' Virosart® virus retentive membrane portfolio adapts to your process and is reliable under any condition to enhance patient safety.

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Chromatography as Easy as Filtration

Sartobind® membrane chromatography speeds up virus removal by shorter processing times, faster flow rates, and high binding capacity.

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Single-Use Solutions for Virus Clearance

The Flexact® virus inactivation (VI) systems feature a single-use set up to deliver low pH virus inactivation in a quick and safe format.

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Tailored Manufacturing Solutions

Time to market is key in today’s biomanufacturing industry. See how Sartorius' comprehensive portfolio of products and services can be tailored to enhance the ease, speed and flexibility of your processes.

Single-Use Solutions

Sartorius provides a wide range of single-use equipment: from pre-installed filter transfer sets to single-use automation platforms.

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Customized Systems

Sartorius consults and develops the implementation of single-use technologies in manufacturing processes.

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The relevant accessories for a virus clearance strategy support safety without reducing the process speed significantly.

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Single-Use Solutions

Virus Filter Transfer Sets

Virosart® Media and HF assemblies are easy to implement pre-assembled, pre-sterilized and fully pre-qualified modular virus filter solutions.

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Single-Use Automation Solutions

Flexact® for virus removal and virus inactivation are flexible and easy to implement  solutions which can optimize processes with less upfront co...

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Large Scale Single-Use Virus Filtration

Maxicaps® MR Virosart® for large scale filtration eliminates 90% formerly needed tubings|connections and minimizes risk and installation efforts.

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Large Scale Membrane Chromatography

Sartobind® cassettes (0.8|1.6 L) provide scale-up with sterile gamma irradiation for continuous manufacturing and non-sterile filtered products.

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Virus Filtration Under Challenging Conditions

PDF | 379.6 KB

Fully Single-Use Virus Filtration in Manufacturing – New Concepts and Strategies

PDF | 1.9 MB

Continous Processing: Challenges and Opportunities of Virus Filtration

PDF | 285.8 KB

Smart Modular Package Units for Single-Use Processing

PDF | 5.4 MB

Concept of a Fully Single-Use Virus Filtration

PDF | 977.7 KB

Poster: Non-Sterile and Sterile Membrane Chromatography Cassettes for Bind & Elute Applications of Viruses and Large Proteins

PDF | 650.9 KB

Customized Systems

Tailored Systems Based on Customer Needs

Sartorius offers a wide range of automated single-use, traditional and hybrid solutions which can be customized to your bioprocess needs.

Step 1: Process Optimization

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Step 2: Process Modelling

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Step 3: Conceptual Design

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Step 4: Basic Engineering

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Step 5: Detailed Engineering

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Step 6: Project Execution

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Integrity Testing

See how reliable, quick integrity testing for filters can help enhance quality risk management and increase data security.

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Stainless Steel Filter Housings

Sartorius' stainless steel filter housings provide on-going filtration with stringent process demands for flexible support.

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Validation Support That Delivers

Virus safety validation is known to be complex and time consuming. See how working with Sartorius' teams simplifies validation steps to meet your targeted timeline and keep you on budget.


Virus Clearance Validation

Mitigate the risks of low LRV results in GLP studies with Confidence® Virus Clearance Services, which eliminate the top reasons for study failure.

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Biosafety Testing Services

Sartorius provides biosafety services with a range of off-the-shelf assays to secure batches of viruses and any other potential contaminants.

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Rapid Validation Service

Sartorius supports process validation in the areas of virus clearance, sterile filtration, single-use systems and Extractables & Leachables.

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Application Note: Effect of Pressure Release on Virus Retention - Virosart® HF

PDF | 1.4 MB

Co-Development and Consulting Services

Sartorius has created a comprehensive range of co-development and consulting services for your virus clearance activities. See how Sartorius' expertise and training programs can benefit your team.

Laboratory Weighing Services

Expertise You Can Rely On

Best-in-class virus safety and applications support by cooperations with industry partners and Sartorius product management and development teams...

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Training for Success

Sartorius' experts aligned on continuing education and training programs for virus clearance to overcome customers day-to-day challenges. 

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Case Study: Virus Risk Mitigation in Cell Culture Media

PDF | 991.2 KB
Virus clearance validation services

Confidence® Virus Clearance Services: Quicker LRV Results

Validate the viral reduction performance of Virosart® HF with our Confidence® Services: Highly purified viruses and expert knowledge.

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Webinar on Sartorius End-to-End, Single-Use Downstream Solution

Learn how Sartorius' new, single-use technologies meet the growing demands of clinical and commercial biopharmaceutical environments.

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Ensuring High Virus Clearance Using AEX Membrane Adsorbers

Gain insight into best practices for optimization and sizing of AEX membrane adsorbers for purification processes.

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Virus Removal in Blood and Plasma Manufacturing

Learn why emerging viruses challenge established virus safety concepts and how Sartorius can help improve virus clearance strategies.

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Filtration Technologies - An Overview

Learn more about reliable and complete solutions for virus filtration

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Process Optimization Strategies for Virus Filtration

Learn about validation strategies and best practices for integrity testing of virus filters and adsorptive pre-filters.

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