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Best Practices for Ensuring High Virus Clearance When Using Anion Exchange Membrane Adsorbers

The risk of viral contamination is a concern for bioprocessing, pharmaceutical, and vaccine manufacturers. Contamination events can have serious economic implications and also pose a safety risk to patients. To ensure safety, regulatory agencies require manufacturers to have a validated downstream purification process that can remove and/or inactivate a wide variety of viruses. Purification processes often include anion-exchange chromatography (AEX).

In this webinar, best practices for optimizing and sizing AEX membrane adsorbers in purification processes are shared. The presented data is based on experiments with the minute virus of mice (MVM) and show the effect of different process conditions on retention. In addition, insights into how membrane adsorbers can be operated at optimized loading capacity while maintaining high retention are provided.

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Key Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about optimizing and sizing AEX membrane adsorbers for virus clearance and the effects of buffer conditions on MVM retention.
  2. Gain insights into the importance of loading capacity accuracy, and learn how to determine it.
  3. Understand the relevance of virus spike purity during virus clearance studies. Data will be shown that compares the retention results of purified virus preparations with non-purified virus preparations.

Meet Our Expert

Sherri Dolan

Global Technology Consultant for Virus Clearance

Sherri Dolan is a Global Technology Consultant for virus clearance within the Separations Marketing Group at Sartorius. In this role, she supports the application of virus clearance techniques into the manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products, focusing specifically on membrane adsorbers and virus clearance filters. Sherri has over 30 years of experience in downstream purification and clinical manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and product support. She is coauthor of eight publications and has authored two book chapters on the topics of virus clearance and membrane chromatography.

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