Speed-up your Process Optimization with Scalable Bioprocess Platforms

Consulting expertise, unique technologies & services driving rapid Process Optimization

As scientific innovation in healthcare expands rapidly, biotech companies are aggressively looking to move their products into the clinic quickly. Sartorius’ team of experts will advise on an optimal Process Optimization strategy every step of the way and help build a rapid and scalable process around your molecule.

Our bioprocess technologies seamlessly interface to facilitate the fast development and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical processes.

Discover our Project Phases:

Our Integrated Solutions Team develops and implements rapid and cost-effective biomanufacturing solutions from early phase development through scale-up to commercial manufacturing.

Step 1: Process Optimization

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Step 2: Process Modelling

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Step 3: Conceptual Design

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Step 4: Basic Engineering

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Step 5: Detailed Engineering

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Step 6: Project Execution

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Process Optimization in Upstream

From cell line development to production

Our team will help speed-up your development. We offer a fully scalable cell line (Cellca CHO), complete with cell culture media for your process and detailed product characterization (BioOutsource). We have a compressive set of technologies and analytical tools (Design of Experiments, Multi Variate Data Analysis) for rapid Upstream Process Development with the ambr systems for automated high-throughput clone selection & media optimization, scalable to our range of single-use STR bioreactors.

Reduce your Upstream process development timeline up to 7 fold

High-throughput screening of cell lines with ensured manufacturability at scale

Our latest innovations enable you to move away from manual activities to highly automated high-throughput development technologies reducing your process development timeline up to 7 fold. Our Application Specialists will work with you in your evaluation and implementation.

Our Solutions to Accelerate Upstream Process Development

Recognized leader in cell line and process development

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Leading provider of contract testing services

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Accelerate Your Process Development With High-Throughput, Single-Use, Fully Automated Bioreactors

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Process Optimization Support in Downstream Process

From Product Harvest to Formulation

Our Downstream Experts will help you choose the right downstream process steps for your product. They support you in anticipating lab to commercial challenges, by selecting scalable filtration and purification single-use technologies and using CoG's process modeling. We can support you to increase process safety by implementing novel technologies for quantitative virus and contaminant clearance (Virosart®, Sartobind®).

Regulatory Compliance from Process Development to Commercial

New standards for Single-use technologies

To ensure that technologies we implement in early phase processes meet future regulatory requirements, we carefully track evolving industry regulatory requirements, our experts are actively involved in standards organisations (ASTM, ASME BPE, USP...) working towards developing future standards for disposable technologies. Current standards for disposables that are already in draft format with the standards organisations include extractables, particulates, integrity testing and cell growth.

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Our Advanced Process Modelling Expertise

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