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Multifunctional Processing: Sartorius Downstream Technologies Toolbox

As the biomanufacturing industry seeks rapid process development and intensification to meet the demands of an expanding competitive market, Sartorius looks at how the recently acquired chromatography and tangential flow technologies merge with a flexible, multifunctional bioprocessing separation platform. Listen to learn how these technologies are being adapted to accommodate the increasing pressures of upstream intensification, connected unit operations, real-time data analytics, and sustainable, cost-effective single-use solutions.

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Key Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the application of the Sartorius downstream technologies toolbox.

  2. Learn the benefits of applying single-use platform technologies.

  3. Understand how to de-bottleneck the process intensification cascade to downstream.

  4. Learn Sartorius downstream processing capabilities for clinical and commercial scales.

Meet Our Expert

Stuart Tindal

Product Manager Flexact Platform

Stuart is an organic chemist upskilled to a biochemical process engineer and process analytical technology subject matter expert for the bioprocess industry. He is from Scotland but relocated to other European countries over the past few years and is now currently residing in Goettingen, Germany. Stuart has worked in the technical and commercial field of bioprocess technology for the past 14 years. He gained 9 years of technical sales & marketing experience in single-use automation/sensors and process analytical technologies and now works as a Product Manager for Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH. Prior to that, he gained 5 years of biochemical engineering experience in form of a process development scientist and biochemical engineering doctorate work.

David Johnson

Head of Chromatography Systems

David Johnson has recently joined Sartorius as part of the acquisition of the Pall Chromatography technologies. He has over 20 years experience in the biotechnology field with particular focus on chromatography. Currently David is the head of the Sartorius chromatography systems product management team.

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