High Speed Virus Filtration

Virosart® HF combines the highest level of virus safety with flexible capacities for virus retentive filtration of monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments or small recombinant proteins. The filter targets both non-enveloped viruses, such as MVM and vesivirus, and large enveloped viruses, such as MuLV, providing the full range of coverage needed to enhance your process quality.

Challenges in Virus Safety

A contamination of products derived from human or animal cells with viruses can have disastrous clinical consequences. Therefore, regulatory authorities stress the need to implement robust and orthogonal strategies for virus clearance. Virus filtration has traditionally been accepted as a robust method for virus clearance.

Strategy for mAbs

Virosart® HF combines highest virus safety with superior capacities for mAb´s and recombinant proteins. The filter is especially designed for easy implementation into single-use processes with its smart capsule design, low foot print and minimal flushing volumes.

Details of Virosart® HF

Target Molecule
The main application for Virosart® HF, for virus retentive filtration, are monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), antibody fragments (Fab) or small recombinant proteins (< 150 kD).

Virosart® HF is used towards the end of the purification process for viral filtration of the biopharmaceutical product.

Working principle
Virus filtration works based on sizes exclusion. Small non-enveloped and large enveloped viruses are retained by the 20 nm asymmetric membrane structure.

Virus Risk Mitigation

  • State of the art, robust virus removal performance
  • ≥ 4 LRV for small non-enveloped viruses
  • ≥ 6 LRV for large enveloped viruses

Cost Efficiency

  • 3x capacity increase at high flow rates and reduced flushing buffer volume deliver a cost efficient solution
  • Capsule design avoids costly investments in stainless steel filtration systems and accessories
  • High filter packaging density decreases cleanroom footprint


  • Includes a convenient water based integrity test to ensure reliability
  • Sterile shipping options help to advance bioburden risk mitigation

Technical Proof

Retentive Capacities

The Virosart® HF delivers reliable virus safety under all circumstances with no impact from pressure variations, high loads or process interruptions.


The Virosart® HF features high flux (340 LMH @ 2 bar) and superior capacity (>7 kg/m²), and can be optimized by a Virosart® Max pre-filter, as needed.

Training Videos


Virosart® HF Lab Module Product Tutorial

Learn how to install and perform virus filtration. You will also receive recommendations on handling to improve the final filtration.

Watch Training Video

Virosart® HF Process Module Product Tutorial

Learn how to install and perform virus filtration. You will also receive recommendations on handling to improve the final filtration.

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Continous Processing: Challenges and Opportunities of Virus Filtration

PDF | 285.8 KB

Virus Filtration Using a High-Throughput Parvovirus-Retentive Membrane

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Application Guide - Virosart® HF: High Speed Virus Filtration for mAbs and Recombinant Proteins

PDF | 3.2 MB

Application Note: Effect of Pressure Release on Virus Retention - Virosart® HF

PDF | 863.5 KB

Application Note - Risk Mitigation for Calcium Chloride Solution as an Additive to Cell Culture Media Using High Flux Virus Filters

PDF | 761.7 KB

Virus Filtration Under Challenging Conditions

PDF | 379.6 KB

Virus Filters Enabling Reliable Process Development in Antibody Processes

PDF | 314.5 KB

Increasing Virus Filter Throughput by Process Optimization Studies

PDF | 873.1 KB

Robustness Study for Virus Filtration of mAb Processes

PDF | 878.9 KB

Concept of a Fully Single-Use Virus Filtration

PDF | 973.2 KB

Virosart® HF - High speed virus filtration for mAbs and recombinant proteins

PDF | 1.4 MB

Virosart® Virus Filters - Reliable Retention Under All Circumstances

PDF | 1.7 MB



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