Filter and Single-Use System Integrity Testing

Filter and Single Use System Integrity Testing

The Utmost Assurance of Integrity

The Sartocheck® represents over 30 years of experience in integrity testing in the pharma biotech industry and offers the most reliable integrity testing for your filters and bags in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Filter Integrity Testing with Sartocheck® 5 Plus Filter Tester

The Sartocheck® 5 plus represents the ideal intersection point of today’s most relevant industry requirements for filter integrity testing within demanding GMP environments. A combination of a unique approach to Quality Risk Management as well as optimal Data Integrity, intuitive Usability and minimized risk factors for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) set a new standard for filter integrity test devices.

Sartocheck® 5 Plus Filter Tester

Single Use System Integrity Testing with Sartocheck® 4 Plus Bag Tester

The Sartocheck® 4 plus Bag Tester is specifically designed for leak and integrity testing of 2D and 3D bags. Flexact® BT contains two holders with restraining plates and porous spacers to easily install, securely maintain and protect the bag from mechanical stress during the test.

Sartocheck® 4 Plus Bag Tester

Sartocheck® 4 Plus Bag Tester MultiUnit

Filter Integrity Testing Webinars


Webinar - The Regulatory Environment of Filter Integrity Testing

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Reach the Ultimate Level of Data Integrity with Sartocheck® 5 Plus

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