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BioSealer® TC – Sterile Disconnection of TPE Tubing

Sterile Disconnection of TPE Tubing up to 1” OD on Disposable Assemblies Used in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes.

The BioSealer® TC is a fully automated device for disconnecting thermoplastic tubing in a sterile sealing operation. This proven technology allows for sterile disconnection of tubing from ¼” up to 1” outer diameter. The BioSealer® TC is used to disconnect thermoplastic tubing (TPE) such as TuFlux® TPE, C-Flex® 374, AdvantaFlex®, SaniPure™ BDF™ and Pharmed® BPT, on disposable assemblies used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Individual components of assemblies can be disconnected in a non-sterile environment while maintaining sterility of the product.

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Enhanced sealing possibilities to larger tubing dimension

Capability of sealing up to 6 sizes of TPE tubings from 1/4" up to 1" (OD) including liquid filled conditions, without any accessories.

Increased stability of thermal sealings

The BioSealer® TC provides to the user a wider sealing of 20mm that includes a cutting guideline for a more robust and secured disconnection operation.

Extended sealing possibilities in a single device

A single device contains preinstalled standard parameters to seal up to 6 sizes of the 5 most used TPE tubings in the industry.

Simple and adapted usibility

The Flip Flap Touch Screen with clear stepwise instructions allows an easy operating ensures an adequate text orientation in all operating situations.

Enhanced portability

Due to its low weight and possibility to be operated on a table or hanged, the BioSealer® TC can be moved easily to the process area where needed.

Four Easy Steps to a Strong Sealing

Step 1: Insert TPE tubing
Insert the TPE tubing inside the device where the sterile disconnection is wanted.

Step 2: Press Start
One click in the touch screen is sufficient to start the sealing process. Just follow the instructions displayed.

Step 3: Take-off TPE tubing
When sealing process is completed the lid automatically reopens.

Step 4: Cut the sealed TPE tubing
After visual inspection of the sealing use scissors to cut through the guideline on the sealed tubing. Done!


See All BioSealer® TC Product Specifications and Request Your Quote

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