Drug Discovery

Find, characterize, and scale up your lead drug candidate

Finding the most promising candidates early in the process is key to increasing the productivity of your research. With our high-throughput, high-content screening and cell imaging systems, you will gain crucially relevant insights about your potential hits early in the screening process.

This early-stage information will increase the likelihood of your candidates succeeding in downstream steps of discovery and development. We developed efficient tools and assays to screen and characterize drug candidates.

Our cell line development platform consistently delivers robust, stable, high-yielding lines. Allow us to help you accelerate and streamline your drug discovery process.

Biologics Discovery

Transform biologics discovery with innovative solutions.

Our innovative, groundbreaking solutions and technologies enable translational insights and streamlined workflows to accelerate biologics discovery.

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Antibody Discovery

Identification and characterization of your antibody candidates.

Our instruments accelerate your antibody discovery by enabling you to rapidly identify and characterize your candidate molecules and efficiently select clones.

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Bioanalytical Testing

Characterize your candidate, from physicochemistry and structure to biological effect.

We offer tools to support your physicochemical and structural investigations, and our experts facilitate your progress from pre-clinical studies to commercialization.

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Cell Line Development

Rapidly obtain your best protein-secreting clone.

Cut early development timelines and let us build your cell line by leveraging our expertise of building of over 65 mammalian (CHO) cell lines to express biologics.

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Rapid HCS: Intellicyt iQue Screener

Our high-throughput, high-content screener enables you to rapidly identify and characterize your lead candidates.

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IncuCyte Live-Cell Analysis System

Gain insight into the cellular effects of your drug candidate with our real-time quantitative live-cell imager and analyzer.

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Arium® Lab Water Systems

Water is at the foundation of your success. We offer a variety of systems for stable and consistently high-quality water.

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Picus Nxt Electronic Pipette

Ensure reproducibility and save time with our password-protected electronic Picus pipette that stores your pipetting protocols.

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ambr 15 Automated Data-Rich High-Throughput Micro Bioreactor

Rapidly develop your cell culture processes with our automatically sampling and data-collecting system.

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ambr 250 Automated Multi-Parallel Bioreactor

Rapidly scale your cell culture with our fully automated, data-rich ambr 250 system.

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