End-To-End Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions

​​​We share your mission to develop life-changing cell and gene therapies. Accelerate commercialization with end-to-end solutions that deliver reproducible performance and scalability with a simplified path to regulatory approvals.

​From discovery, to process development, to clinical and commercial manufacturing, our portfolio of proven solutions helps you achieve faster time-to-market while saving costs. Together, we're setting the standard in cell and gene therapy.

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Setting the Standard in Cell and Gene Therapy, Together


Setting the Standard in Reproducible Performance
A high-performing process lays the foundation for reproducible results. Accelerate your cell and gene therapy development with high-throughput technologies that promote process efficiency, optimized critical raw materials that improve yield, and intuitive data analytics that inform decision-making.


Setting the Standard in Streamlined Scale-Up
Designed with scalability in mind, our range of cell culture bioreactors, single-use bags, media, and reagents enable seamless process transfer to larger volumes. Streamline revalidation and optimization from the start by leveraging decades of demonstrated expertise in scalable upstream and downstream solutions.

Regulatory Compliance

Setting the Standard for a Simplified Path to Regulatory Compliance
In a rapidly changing landscape, adhering to the latest regulatory requirements is critical to simplifying your registrations and interactions with authorities. Meet efficacy and safety standards with products and services backed by rigorous quality-assurance processes and trusted to deliver approved therapeutics worldwide.

Leverage Decades of Experience in Cell and Gene Therapy 

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Years of expertise in cell & gene therapy

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Commercially available cell & gene therapies

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Simplify Your Research, Development, and Manufacturing Workflows

Stem Cell Therapy

Support each step of MSC, iPSC, and HSC workflows from discovery to commercialization.

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AAV Gene Therapy

Accelerate your AAV workflow with robust, scalable, and high-quality consumables, technologies, and services. 

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Cell Therapy 

Simplify the route of your cell therapy from discovery, to development, and on to manufacturing.

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Gene Therapy

Browse technologies, analytics, and services that support your gene therapy toward commercialization.

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More About CGT From Sartorius

See How Sartorius Drives Your Success in Cell & Gene Therapy

Ready to set the standard in cell and gene therapy with Sartorius? Watch our teaser video to see how we’re helping to make the impossible possible — with our innovative technologies, expert support, and more.

White Paper

Optimized Aliquoting for Robust Cell and Gene Therapy Processes

Read about the challenges of liquid handling in CGT processes, and how new solutions can simplify aliquoting. 

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Advancing Cardiac Medicine With High-Quality Raw Materials

Learn how high-quality raw materials simplify the journey of cardiomyocyte therapies from lab to clinical trials.

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Finding the Right Cell Culture Media for Your Bioprocesses

Enhance your cell culture media strategy for protein, viral, and cell-based production processes. 

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Assessing Extractables & Leachables From Single-Use Systems

See how the differences between CGT and traditional biopharmaceutical manufacturing are giving rise to new risk assessment challenges.

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Optimizing Perfusion Parameters for CAR-T Cells

Discover methods for growing and enhancing CAR-T cells in automated stirred-bioreactors.

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Mitigating Virus Risk in Viral Vector & Gene Therapy Culture Media

Reach therapeutic doses of CAR-T cell therapy with scalable expansion processes. 

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Mitigating Virus Risk in Viral Vector & Gene Therapy Culture Media

Control virus risk in cell culture media for viral vector and gene therapy.

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Mitigating Cell Culture Variability With Robust Screening

Learn how to mitigate cell culture variability with robust screening of raw materials and adhere to GMP guidelines.

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End-to-End Solutions for Your Workflow

Explore Our Cell and Gene Therapy Product Portfolio

Browse our featured products below to find solutions that shorten your time-to-market and improve cost-efficiency at every step of your workflow.

Featured Products

Transfection Reagents and pDNA

Increase AAV titer and particle quality with optimized transfection reagents and plasmids. 

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Ksep® Centrifugation Systems

Increase processing speed and recovery with scalable, single-use, and low-shear centrifugation systems for cell harvest and washing.

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Celsius® FFT Freezing Solution

Manage your entire cold chain with confidence – from filling and freezing to shipping, thawing, and dispensing.

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Recombumin® Recombinant Human Albumin

Stabilize your cell and gene therapy product with versatile recombinant human albumin.

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Sartoclear® Depth Filters

Remove turbidity, increase AAV yield, and scale up easily with high-capacity and low-adsorption filters. 

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Biowelder® TC Sterile Welding Device

Preserve sterility during connection and disconnection throughout your biomanufacturing process.

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Biostat STR® With DeltaV® Control System

Achieve higher viability and yield from 200 to 2,000 liters with geometrically consistent bioreactor vessels. 

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TFF Cassettes

Increase viral vector recovery using low adsorption membranes with MWCO ranging 30 to 300kDa, available in closed, presterilized units.

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Flexsafe® 2D Bags

Protect your product during storage and shipping for sterile filtration, media preparation, sampling, and fluid transfer steps.

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Continued Commitment to CGT Excellence

News & Events

Learn more about cell and gene therapy news and events.

Polyplus, now part of Sartorius

July 18, 2023 - Sartorius completes acquisition of Polyplus

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New CGT Center in Freiburg (Germany)

September 19, 2023 - Sartorius establishes a competence center for manufacturing components for cell and gene therapies in Freiburg 

Read Press Release

Forming Partnerships

September 28, 2023 - Sartorius forms partnership with SPARTA Biodiscovery on novel nanoparticle analysis platform

Read Press Release

Albumedix, now part of Sartorius

September 30, 2022 - Sartorius completes acquisition of Albumedix

Read Press Release

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