Arium® Pro Ultrapure Water System

Application-orientated and Flexible to Meet the Highest Demands

As a reliable source of ultrapure water, the Arium® Pro series offers a flexible and modular system which, compared to conventional devices, demonstrates excellent added value.

All systems meet and exceed the ASTM Type 1 water quality standards and ensure the best reproducible results in their class. Up to 2L of consistently high-quality ultrapure water with a conductivity of 0.055 µS/cm (^= 18,2 MΩ × cm) can be dispensed per minute. The ultrapure water is virtually microorganism-free when an Arium® Sterile Plus final filter is used.

  • Modular – System selection specifically for your application
  • Flexible – Perfect integration into any laboratory
  • Easy to use – Display with touch function and intuitive menu
  • Fast – Favorites function with direct access for recurring volumes

Arium® Pro Features

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Arium Pro
Application-Specific Systems

The Arium® Pro series offers you the widest selection of application-oriented systems for optimum adaptation to your specific needs. Sartorius gives you a flexible choice of options so you can select what's best for your application, such as an integrated ultrafilter for bio-applications and a UV lamp for analytical applications. These will not only save you money, but will also optimize the quality of your results.

Reliable Measurement of Organic Impurities

Particularly for your analytical applications, the system can also be equipped with a TOC monitor. This calibrated unit ensures constant, reliable monitoring of TOC levels.

Save Time with “Favorites” Function

With the new favorites function it is possible to save recurring volumes and retrieve them as required by direct access. Simplify your daily routine by using the new function to save time and work more efficiently in the laboratory

Flexible Set-Up

The space-saving installation of the device on, under, or above your workstation integrates it perfectly into any laboratory. The positioning of the display and the water dispensing point is very flexible.

Display with Touch Function

Simply navigate intuitively in the easy-to-use and clear menu by lightly touching the display – even with gloves. Even the opening of the dispensing valve can be controlled by the unique touch display.

Select the Arium® Pro for Your Daily Applications


Pro DI

Pro UV

Pro UF

Pro VF

Buffer, media and pH solutions












ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay)






AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy)






Solutions for chemical analysis and synthesis






GF-AAS (Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry)






Preparation of reagents












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ProPro DIPro UV

Pro UF

Pro VF




Northern Blot



Southern Blot



Western Blot



Endotoxin analysis






Production of monoclonal antibodies



PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)



DNA Sequencing



Nutrient media for cell culture (Mammalia & plant)






ProPro DIPro UV

Pro UF

Pro VF

SPE (Solid phase extraction)



Trace metal analysis



IC (Ion chromatography)



ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry)



GC-MS (Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry)



HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography



TOC analysis



Ultrapure Water: The Basis for Reliable Laboratory Results

Ultrapure Water: The Basis for Reliable Laboratory Results

Consistent, high water quality is vital to ensuring data reproducibility and preventing time-consuming repeat analyses.

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Ultrapure Water for HPLC Analysis cover
Application Note

Ultrapure Water for HPLC Analysis

Learn how ultrapure water produced by Arium®Pro VF can be readily used as the mobile phase for HPLC analysis of the water-soluble saccharides.

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Cannabis Testing: In-House Prepared Water as an Alternative to Bottled HPLC-Grade Water
Application Note

In-House Prepared Water as an Alternative to Bottled Water

During cannabis testing, bottled HPLC-grade water is the standard. In-house produced water may be an equivalent and cost-effective alternative.

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Arium Ultrapure Water for Trace Analysis cover
Application Note

Arium® Ultrapure Water for Trace Analysis

HPLC is an analytical procedure for separation, identification and quantification of substances using liquid chromatography.

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Water is Life cover

Water is Life: Ultrapure Water in Cell Cultivation

Water is a major component of all cell culture media and is therefore needed to prepare media, buffers, and additives.

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Datasheet: Arium® Pro Ultrapure Water Systems

Arium® Pro Ultrapure Water Systems

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Services for Arium® Water Purification Systems

Secure and optimize your lab water equipment operation with installation, qualification, calibration, and regular maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The different Arium® Pro versions are made for specific applications. The differences between the versions are what purification techniques (i.e. UV-light or ultrafilter) and features (i.e. TOC monitor) are integrated and which installation option it is, wall-mounted or benchtop.

The Arium® Pro Basic version has been stripped-down to basic functionalities for producing ultrapure water compared to the regular version, Arium® Pro EDI, restricting it from for example using most of the accessories. The regular version does not include anything extra, but still has the possibilities to add accessories. Then there are the versions with an integrated ultrafilter (Arium ® Pro UF) or UV-light (Arium ® Pro UV) or both (Arium ® Pro VF). All versions where an UV-light is installed have the additional option to include a TOC-monitor.

There are different versions of Arium® Pro to accommodate requirements for different specific applications. The regular version should be used for applications requiring ultrapure water but where there is no extra concern for other parameters than conductivity or resistivity (i.e. TOC, RNase or DNase and endotoxins). If for example RNase/DNase or endotoxins are of concern, (i.e. for life science research), a system including an ultrafilter should be used. If TOC is of concern (i.e. analytical research), a system with an additional UV-light should be used. It is also possible to integrate a TOC-monitor for TOC-critical applications to the versions including an UV-light.

You can connect up to 3 Smart Stations to one Arium® Pro system. The exception is Arium® Pro Basic, which is not compatible with the Smart Station.

Depending on which version of the Arium® Pro, some or all of the following technologies are used: Adsorption by means of spherical activated carbon, deionization, ultrafiltration, UV irradiation, optional end-position particle and sterile filtration.

To ensure high-quality ultrapure water, even when the Arium® Pro system is not in use, the system has an integrated recirculation feature. When the Arium® Pro system is in stand-by mode, the ultrapure water in the system is recirculated for 15 minutes every hour. With this feature, less water needs to be dispensed - compared to when recirculation is not integrated - before reaching ultrapure quality.

The Arium® Pro family is recommended for ultrapure daily water needs up to 100 L. If your feed water quality is very high, you can have a higher daily volume. This should be discussed with Sartorius-trained engineers to ensure correct performance, otherwise consumables may be exhausted earlier than intended.

You can find feed water specifications for the Arium® Pro system in the related technical documents, like user manual or datasheet. 

Yes, you can set limits on minimum requirements on either the incoming feed water or produced ultrapure water. It is possible to define the minimum requirements as either conductivity or resistivity. If the values are exceeded, a warning message will pop up on the display.

Arium® Pro quality data can be saved either on an SD-card, or by connecting the Arium® Printer to your Arium® Pro so you can print the data directly from the system. The exception is the Arium® Pro Basic which does not have the possibility to connect to a SD-card.

Consumables should always be changed according to recommended intervals to ensure optimal performance. Depending on the consumable, there are different recommended changing intervals, which are available in the user manual. In case the feed water is out of specification, or a higher than recommended daily water volume is produced, consumables might need to be changed more often than the recommended interval.

Trained and qualified Sartorius engineers are available to help with installation, qualification (IQ/OQ) and maintenance. Depending on your laboratory’s regulative requirements, at installation you can also have the engineers perform an IQ/OQ qualification to ensure the system runs within specifications and is compliant with GMP and other requirements. You can also sign service contracts to have Sartorius engineers help with regular preventive maintenance and consumable changes.

The Arium® Pro system can be installed on the benchtop, mounted on the wall or under the bench (all versions except for the Arium® Pro Basic). For the benchtop and wall-mounted versions, everything is in the package when you order the respective option and can be installed on your own (though we recommend using Sartorius trained and qualified engineers). To install the system under the bench, however, you will need to order the benchtop version of the selected system together with the accessory H2O-ACK-D. This combination will allow the system to be installed under the bench. This installation, however, involves several technical changes to the system as well as other considerations. Therefore, Sartorius-trained engineers should be consulted for this to make sure everything will work as promised.

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