Arium® Bagtanks

Arium® Bagtank Water Storage

Reliable Intermediate Water Storage That Protects Your Water Quality

The innovative Arium® Bagtank uses a closed system to store your purified water and protect it from secondary contamination and keep the quality. Instead of a regular tank the Bagtank utilizes exchangeable bags to simplify maintenance and remove the need for time intensive cleaning procedures. Simply exchange the bag in 5 minutes, fill it up and you are ready to go.

  • Integrated ventilation filter with non-return valve provides reliable protection against CO₂ pollution 
  • High flexibility through the 4 rollers available as an option (50 & 100 L Bagtank)
  • Easy and fast exchange of the Arium® Bags 
  • No chemical cleaning required

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Choose the Right Bagtank for You

Arium® Bagtanks comes in 3 different volumes: 20, 50 and 100 L. To ensure that the water from the Bagtank has high enough pressure and flow rate it is possible to choose the 50 and 100 L Bagtank with an integrated pump, while the 20 L can have an external pump. It is also, however, possible to choose without pumps. Take also into consideration your water demand during the whole day, including the maximum peak during the day, to make sure that your Bagtank together with your Arium® water purification system can cover your water needs.

Arium® Bagtank 20L System

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Arium®️ Bagtank: Redefining Pure Water Storage for Labs

Compatible Water Purification Systems

The Arium® Advance EDI and Arium® Advance RO systems achieve high retention rates of ions with an optimal water yield to remove impurities from your feed water. 

The built-in iJust function also optimizes purified water quality and water usage. Pure water is stored and ready to be used in the innovative, closed Arium® Bagtank system, which protects water from secondary contamination.

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The Arium® Comfort is a combined water purification system and produces either ultrapure and pure water (Comfort II) or ultrapure and RO water (Comfort I). Directly connected to a potable feed water source it uses RO technology, combined with EDI technology (Comfort II), to produce pure water. The purified water is then stored in the Arium® Bagtank system before used as feed water for the polishing cycle to produce ultrapure water.

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The Arium® Pro series meet and exceed the ASTM Type 1 water quality standards and ensure reliable reproducible results. When a pretreated feed water source is missing, connect the Arium® Pro to an Arium® Bagtank for a reliable feed water source. The Bagtank should in turn be connected to a pretreatment system such as the Arium® Advance.

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Arium®️ Bagtank: Innovative Water Storage Solution

Discover the Arium® Bagtank, a reliable water storage solution that protects your water quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bagtank is compatible - and should be used as an intermediate storage unit in combination with - the following Arium® water purification systems: Arium® Advance RO and EDI, Arium® Comfort I and II.

The difference between the Bagtanks is storage volume. So Bagtank choice depends on factors like total daily consumption and maximum peak consumption. The production output of the water purification system connected to the Bagtank should also be considered, as that will impact which Bagtank will cover your lab water consumption.

The biggest benefit is the cleaning process when compared to a standard storage tank. Cleaning a standard tank requires chemicals and a lot of time. The chemicals add the risk of contaminating the water and introducing chemicals into the system. With the Arium® Bagtank, you can forget all about that. Bagtank-bags are disposable, so instead of cleaning you only need to change the bag. The process takes roughly 5 minutes as opposed to several hours.

Yes, you can connect 1 Smart Station Pure to dispense RO/pure water (depending on water purification system) directly from the Bagtank.

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