A Lab Balance Must Be Adaptable to a Lab’s Specific Needs

Cubis® II Intelligence by Design

Whether a pharmaceutical lab, an academic lab or an industry lab, lab weighing requirements can be highly individual. For instance, labs often have their own protocols for weighing and preparing samples. With its practical array of optional accessories, Cubis® II offers the potential for fully personalized application add-ons that enable faster and more efficient workflows and enhance protocol reliability and repeatability.

Intelligence by Design

  • Built-in applications guide you through your workflows.
  • Fast and easy leveling guaranteed with automatic, motorized leveling function.
  • Innovative draft shield technology with gesture sensor and memory functions.
  • Climate sensor for environmental monitoring.
  • Built-in ionizer for automatic electrostatic elimination.
  • Status Center for user notifications and alerts*.
  • Ultramicro– and micro balances with innovative technology for top-edge performance.

*Available with the MCA interface

Customizable, Intuitive Applications

Pharmaceutical lab workflows may be highly individual, especially for weighing processes. Each lab generally has its own protocol for preparing samples, selecting vessels and placing samples in a weighing vessel. Lab workflows in other contexts may have similar requirements for individualized weighing protocols.

A Lab Balance Must be Adaptable to a Lab’s Specific Needs

With its practical array of optional accessories, the Cubis® II offers the potential for fully personalized application add-ons that enable faster and more efficient work and enhance your process reliability.

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Introducing new Gesture Sensor For Touch-Free Draft Shield Operation

  • Open the motorized draft shield door with a simple movement of the hand over the infrared sensor. The draft shield door automatically closes upon removal of your hand.
  • This feature provides additional safety, especially applications involving toxic substances.
  • This infrared sensor can also be used to trigger printing.
  • Automatic open / close function and touchless print activation is available on selected draft shields with both interfaces for all Cubis® II balances.

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High-Efficiency, Integrated Ionizer For Neutralization of Electrostatic Charge

  • The glass panels of all Cubis® II draft shields are coated with a conductive layer, preventing external transfer of electrostatic charges generated by users, ensuring reliable and stable results
  • Integrated in draft shield model I, the Q-Stat ionizer eliminates electrostatic charges from both sample containers and samples within few seconds, preventing errors from electrostatic forces of your measurements
  • The inclusion of four ion jets ensures effective electrostatic neutralization without disturbing air flows

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Weigh in Fume Hoods And Enclosures With a New Q-Grid Pan

  • Q-Grid allows operation of a balance with 10 mg readability even under laminar flow in safety cabinets, workbenches, or fume hoods, without restricting the performance of the balance.
  • Our gridded weighing pan reduces surface area, enabling precision even when weighing in drafty environments
  • Save effort in busy laboratories. with unfavorable environmental conditions
  • Available for all Cubis® balances with a readability of 10 mg and 100 mg, except for model 5202S

Climate Module (only for MCA display - available from July 2019)

  • Climate sensor for temperature, humidity and air pressure is an integrated option for draft shield A or I or an external option for other draft shields
  • Set limits and warnings for temperature, humidity and air pressure
  • Data is displayed graphically and can be printed

Automatic Motorized Leveling

The only balance in the market that offers real automatic leveling

  • Balance is automatically leveled by built-in motors*, and constantly self-checks to immediately alert you when it needs re-leveling 
  • Q-Level combines improved sensors and the most advanced display technology to make leveling easier, faster, and more accurate

MCA or MCE display and control units offer interactive prompting to guide you during manual leveling. While Q-Level is active, the display will show you all the information you need: the position of the air bubble as well as text prompts, or icons on MCE, so you know which leveling foot to turn in which direction.

*all models with capacity ≤ 8.2 kg can be automatically leveled by built-in motors, with clear graphic support in the display (graphic support on MCA interface and symbol support on MCE interface

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