Cubis® II, MCE Firmware Update (09-05-03.04.01)


Thank you for your recent purchase of a Sartorius Cubis® II premium balance.  As a preferred customer of our premium Cubis® II balance portfolio you are entitled to complimentary periodic software updates for the life of your instrument.  

To that end, we wish to inform you about a software update that is now available for your device.  To learn more about the enhancements included with this software update, along with instructions how to download and install the update on your balance, please proceed to download the software below.

MCE Firmware Summary:
  • File Size: 1.0mb

  • Version: 09-05-03.04.01

  • Release Date: 2/23/2023

Download Current Firmware

How Do I Update the Software Now to Ensure the Optimal Functionality of My Cubis® II Balance?

Please Follow the Steps Below:

  1. Download the firmware package from our website by filling out the form below.
  2. Extract the zipped firmware package.
  3. Copy the files into the root directory of a USB drive.
  4. Plugin the USB drive at the balance.
  5. Login to the balance with the right to access the balance settings menu and select menu point [Update].
  6. The device lists up all firmware files available on the USB drive. Select the desired update file.
  7. The device will now automatically start the update process. The file is transferred to the device, a data backup is stored on the internal memory and any necessary data structures are updated after the restart. This process may take several minutes depending on the available data. The balance must not be disconnected from the power supply during this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only non-approved balances (S00 and S01) can be updated by users. Approved balances (CEU, ORU, CCN, OBR, OJP, CFR and OIN) must be updated by the Sartorius Service. Please check the type plate of your balance to get to know the approval.

You must own the access to the settings menu to update the instrument.

No, balance settings are not changed by a firmware update.

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