Chemometric Software

Advanced chemometric methods as Design of Experiments (DoE) and Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA) enable to look into cost savings besides ensuring process reliability and robustness. DoE is a standard technique to accelerate process development tasks and gain additional process understanding with a least amount of experiments. MVDA techniques are used for scale- and batch-to-batch comparison investigations, and are making inroads into continuous real-time quality control and assurance.


BioPAT® MODDE is a state-of-the-art DoE software package to be used to understand complex processes & products.

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Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA) techniques are being increasingly used for scale and batch-to-batch comparison investigations.

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BioPAT® SIMCA Online

BioPAT® SIMCA-online is a highly efficient software for real-time multivariate statistical process monitoring & control.

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