TakeOne® Sampling Stainless Steel

Preassembled, Presterilized, Single-Use: For Simplified Sampling

Aseptic sampling is a principal component of an effective microbial control program. Samples collected with TakeOne® are used to measure critical purity attributes, such as bioburden and endotoxin levels, as well as important process parameters, such as metabolites, nutrients, osmolality, pH and more. TakeOne® aseptic sampling solutions have been designed to integrate seamlessly within biopharmaceutical processes.

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Representative Samples

Designed to retrieve samples directly from the main fluid stream and avoids sampling from the dead-leg zones.


Sampling devices arrive individually packed, preassembled, gamma-sterilized and ready for immediate use.

Fully Scalable

Samples can be taken in a variety of containers, including bags, bottles, tubes and syringes, and in a range of R&D- and manufacturing-scale volumes.

Operator-Friendly Ergonomic Designs

Easy connection and disconnection mechanisms facilitate sampling procedures and increase processing efficiency.

Discover the Uniqueness of TakeOne®

  • The unique device design integrates an aseptic chamber to ensure a closed fluid pathway, preventing any risk of microbial ingress.
  • 316L stainless steel face plate ensures compatibility with all stainless steel equipment.
  • Mounted at the tank interface ensures a representative sample and avoids dead legs.
  • Spring-loaded needle enables complete control of sample volumes and improves sampling accuracy.

Fully Closed and Independent Sampling Lines

25mm device with up to 3 sampling lines

1.5" device with up to 5 sampling lines

2" device with up to 9 sampling lines

Select the Right Collection Container for Your Needs

Sartorius’ family of collection containers includes bags in a variety of film materials, as well as bottles and centrifuge tubes that feature Mycap®, a robust aseptic closure.  These containers are suited for sample collection or process fluid storage, transfer and distribution. 

*Material is dependent on volume of collection container selected.

Easy Handling

Flexsafe®, Flexboy® and Celsius® bags* 

20 | 30 | 50 | 100 | 150 | 250 | 500 | 1000 mL

High Accuracy

Mycap® centrifuge tubes

15 mL (PS) | 50 mL (PP)

Free Standing

Mycap® bottles PETG (standard)         

30 | 60 | 125 | 250 | 500 | 1000 mL

PP, PET, LDPE and HPDE available upon request

High Capacity 

Benchmark needleless access site with | without check valve 

Increase Capacity 

Stopcock manifolds incl. purge bag 2 | 5 collection vessels

Expand Capacity

2-way splitter

Find the Right Sampling Solution

Sartorius offers a range of pre-designed and modular TakeOne® sampling solutions. If the standard-to-order designs do not meet the process requirements, our extensive component library in the configure-to-order space or our design experts can tailor solutions to meet them.

TakeOne® STO Pre-Designed Configurations

Break Process Bottlenecks with TakeOne® Devices

Engineered to take  representative samples for accurate results with no risk of false positives for every process step. A closed system design ensures process fluids can easily be collected for analysis while protecting the process from adventitious agents.

  • Pre-assembled
  • Pre-sterilized
  • 100% integrity tested
  • Curated selection of collection containers for reliable, repeatable assay results

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TakeOne® Flex Point-of-Use-Configurations

Increase Agility with TakeOne® Flex 

Sartorius’ solution allows you to react quickly on demand, while meeting all of your varied sampling needs. Decoupled devices and containers ease handling of complex equipment while allowing for process variability up until a sample is taken at the point of use. Select and connect the collection container of choice at the moment the sample is required.

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TakeOne® CTO & ETO Customized Configurations

Fine-tune Your Sampling Solution with TakeOne® Design Services

TakeOne® design services leverage a wider variety of components, such as alternative tube materials and collection vessels, so you can modify standard features or build customized designs to match your unique requirements. Rely on Sartorius’ application-based expertise to help fine-tune your designs and optimize your process.

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How to Sample Using TakeOne® Devices 

Access process fluids in pressurized stainless equipment quickly, easily, accurately and safely.

Step 1 - Receive

Step 2 - Install

Step 3 - Sample

Step 4 - Disconnect

Step 5 - Remove

Step 6 - Safely Dispose

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Featured Application Note

Selecting the Right Sample Collection Container

Not all samples are equal — categorization of a sampling plan by assay type reduces costs, improves sampling results and optimizes capacity of the sampling solution.

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The Importance of Aseptic Sampling Devices in a Bioburden Reduction Strategy

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Aseptic Sampling Best Practices: Sample Collection for pH and Gas Analysis

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Consult Our Experts

Consult Our Experts

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