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Sartorius has leading market positions in core technologies and is continuously expanding its portfolio by new, complementary technologies that help our biopharma customers develop and manufacture medications faster and more easily. Integrating innovations through acquisitions is one of the pillars of our innovative power and part of our growth strategy.

In recent years, Sartorius has been continuously making acquisitions, including:

  • Solutions for production of cell & gene therapies and vaccines
  • Systems for cell and protein analysis
  • Chromatography and tangential flow filtration systems
  • Cell culture media
  • Bioprocessing software

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July 2023: Polyplus

Polyplus is a leading provider of innovative technologies for cell and gene therapies. The company's transfection reagents are key components in the manufacture of viral vectors.

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CEO of Polyplus

Mario Philips

We are excited to join forces with a world class bioprocess market leader as Sartorius. Our combined portfolios will create a unique ability to optimize the total process workflow to deliver unparalleled value for cell/gene and DNA/RNA therapy customers, in a strong effort to make these critical needed therapies more affordable.

Previous Acquisitions

2022: Albumedix

Recombinant human albumin by Albudemix is required for applications like cell culture media, vaccines & viral therapies.

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2022: Chromatography Assets from Novasep

The unit comprises resin-based batch and intensified chromatography systems, primarily for smaller molecules.

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Cell Selection and Retrieval instrument

2022: ALS Automated Lab Solutions (Majority)

ALS develops, manufactures and markets solutions for the automated analysis, selection and isolation of cells. 

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2021: Xell AG

Xell develops and produces media and feed supplements for cell cultures, especially for manufacturing viral vectors.

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2021: CellGenix (Majority)

CellGenix produces and markets cell culture components, such as growth factors, cytokines and media in GMP quality.

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2020: WaterSep BioSeparations

WaterSep BioSeparations develops and manufactures hollow‑fiber membrane devices and pre-sterilized assemblies.

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2020: BIA Separations

BIA Separations develops and manufactures market-leading products for purification and analysis of large biomolecules.

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2020: Danaher (Selected Businesses)

FortéBio business for label-free biomolecular characterization, and chromatography systems and resins business.

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