Novasep Equipment Solutions Is Now Sartorius Chromatography Equipment (SCE)

From development through to industrial scaling, we provide a complementary range of cGMP equipment and services for purification.

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies are facing major challenges today, with rising drug production costs as well as lower production volumes due to unpredictable demand.

We embed these requirements right from the start when designing our chromatography equipment, promoting optimal efficiency in development and manufacturing processes.

Sartorius Completes Acquisition of Novasep’s Chromatography Division

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Explore Our New Chromatography Equipment Solutions

Modular and customizable, our high-performance and low-pressure chromatography equipment can integrate seamlessly into any process.

HPLC Chromatography Systems

High-Performance Chromatography systems offering highly sophisticated, easy-to-use equipment with a unique, compact design.

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Hipersep® Prochrom HPLC Chromatography Columns

Our columns meet high design standards, thus ensuring efficiency and scalability. DAC technology enables reproducibility and robustness over time.

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LPLC Systems and Columns

Our low-pressure chromatography portfolio provides highly reliable and robust solutions, designed for all stages and scales of operation. Resolute® Prochrom (columns), Resolute® Flowdrive Atex (batch systems) and Resolute® BioSC Platform (Multi-use systems) are well-suited for biopharmaceuticals applications such as insulin, vaccines, viruses, mAbs, blood/plasma fractions, and tides.


Learn How to Leverage HPLC Across Multiple Modalities

Contribution of preparative HPLC in manufacturing, from small molecules to biologics

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Brands Now Part of the Sartorius Family 

Application Note

Scaling-Up Cannabinoid Purification

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Application Note

Intensified HPLC with the Hipersep® Flowdrive Pilot System

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Hipersep® Prochrom DAC Columns: Get the Best Preparative HPLC Purification Every Time

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From lab to manufacturing, the Resolute® BioSC chromatography systems enable batch and multiple multi-column processes (parallel batch, continuous chromatography/process) resulting in Process Intensification

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Resolute® Flowdrive Atex: Reliable and Robust Solutions for Batch Biochromatography

  • Advanced Process Analytical Technologies
  • Sanitary design with automatic CIP
  • In-line dilution technology

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Resolute® Prochrom DAC Columns: Simplified Packing Operation Without Compromising Your Chromatography Performance

  • Efficiency and Scalability
  • Fast & safe packing and unpacking
  • High standards of design

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Hipersep® Varicol, Continuous Chromatography for Industrial HPLC Separations

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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I go to with my inquiries?

A: Your assigned Sales Account Manager is responsible to handle and qualify leads as well as any incoming inquiries related to the respective sales region or customer. Please follow the link to find your local Sartorius Sales Organization. Regarding technical qualifications, an application specialist can provide support if required. This will be arranged via the assigned Sales Rep / Account Manager who will be your main contact in the sales process.

Q: I have a project in progress with Novasep, who will be my new contact person?

A: There will be no change - you can continue with the same project contact. We will contact the customers with projects-in-play to provide details for transferring projects and orders to new legal entities.

Q: Who is my main contact for order-related questions?

A: Your local Sartorius Customer Service representative will be your primary contact for any other Sartorius product you are purchasing.  Please follow the link to find your local Sartorius Sales Organization.

Q: What will happen with the existing open orders?

A: Orders sent to Novasep prior to 7th of February, will be shipped by Novasep and invoiced by Sartorius according to the terms agreed and confirmed.

Q: How to place my new orders and at which entity do I place my order?

A: Please contact your local Sartorius Sales or Sales Support who will advise on the right entity.

Q: Do I need a new quote before placing an order?

A: Existing quotes incl. agreed prices remain valid according to the terms mentioned in the quote. After expiration or, if you require a new order for your internal processes, please contact your local Sartorius Sales or Sales Support.

Q: What will be the invoicing procedure?

A: Sartorius will invoice the customer directly. Banking details can be found in the order confirmation. If these details are required beforehand, please contact your local Customer Service.

Q: Will there be any change of products regarding quality, manufacturing process incl. materials of construction and site, catalog/part numbers, documentation, specifications, certificates, fit-form-function, inner packaging?

A: All above-mentioned quality and regulatory aspects will not be impacted and remain in place for the time being. You will be informed about any relevant changes via our established Change Notification process.

Q: In the case of any changes, what would be Sartorius’ plan in terms of customer notification and change control process? What would be the timeline for such an activity and the date for the last order for products manufactured by Novasep?

A: Local Customer Service representative will inform you about any order-related changes as soon as they appear. For other product-related changes, the standard Sartorius change control process will apply.

Q: Who should I contact for support on an existing system, breakdown, periodic maintenance, online assistance, software bugs, training etc.?

A: All customers will receive a letter which will include contact details for service requests. So please refer to the letter for contact details.

Q: Are spare parts numbers changing? Can I use the same part numbers?

A: Yes, please use the same part numbers as before. Our Sartorius service team will take care of your order afterward.

Q: How fast is the quote process for standard spares, unusual spares, and equipment?

A: Usually the quotes for spares will take between 1 to 3 days. Please consider some delay at the beginning as our administrative team members may have to review your configuration first to find the best solution for you.


Now Part of Sartorius

In recent years, Sartorius has been continuously making acquisitions, expanding its portfolio by new, complementary technologies.

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Consult Our Experts

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