Generating scientific and technological expertise and transforming it into industrial products are of crucial importance. In close collaboration with our customers, research institutes, startups and other technology companies, Sartorius drives innovation in a wide variety of fields, such as advanced therapies. What is your field of interest?

“The Sartorius paradigm for research-based innovation is to embrace and use both external and internal ideas in a collaborative approach to advance the technologies for the benefit of the patients and the pharmaceutical industry.”

Oscar-Werner Reif, Head of Corporate Research, CTO

Online deployment of an O-PLS Model for dielectric spectroscopy-based...

By Johannes Lemke, Robert Söldner, Jonas Austerjost.

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Towards an Automated Approach for Smart Sterility Test Examination

By Clemens Dierks, Robert Söldner, Kevin Prühl, Niels Wagner, Noushin Delmdahl, Andreas Dominik, Michael W. Olszowy and Jonas Austerjost.

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A Machine Vision Approach for Bioreactor Foam Sensing

By Jonas Austerjost, Robert Söldner, Christoffer Edlund, Johan Trygg, David Pollard, and Rickard Sjögren.

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Out-of-Distribution Example Detection in Deep Neural Networks

Using Distance to Modelled Embedding. By Rickard Sjögren and Johan Trygg.

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End‐to‐End Collaboration

To Transform Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing. Contribution by David Pollard.

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The Green Imperative: Part One

Life-Cycle Assessment and Sustainability for Single-Use Technologies in the Biopharmaceutical Industry. By Magali Barbaroux et al.

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The Green Imperative: Part Two

Engineering for Sustainability in Single-Use Technologies. By Magali Barbaroux et al.

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Creating a Sustainability Index Framework Network

To Support the Bioprocess Sustainability Goals of the Next Decade. By Magali Barbaroux, David Pollard, et al.

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Spectroscopy Integration to Miniature Bioreactors

And Large Scale Production Bioreactors – Increasing Current Capabilities and Model Transfer. Contribution by Alexander Graf and Robert Söldner.

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A Visual Programming Approach for Handling of Bioprocess Data

By Robert Söldner, Jonas Austerjost, Simon Stumm and David Pollard.

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Impacts on Product Quality Attributes of Monoclonal Antibodies

Produced in Cho Cell Bioreactor Cultures During Intentional Mycoplasma Contamination Events. Contribution by Nicholas Trunfio.

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Research Areas

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing laboratory

Advanced Biotech Applications

We focus on innovative technologies in live cell analysis, faster flow cytometry, and biologically relevant and specific virus and vesicle counts.

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Bioreactors and Fermenters from 100 mL up to 2,000 L.

Advanced Materials & Processing

Advanced Materials can lead to new functionalities and improved properties and can sustainably increase the value of products and bioprocesses.

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Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced data analytics provide the keys to unlock the potential of data and drive the digital transformation in biopharma.

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Focus Areas

Multivariate Statistics

Providing Inference to Powerful Analytics.

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Integrated Bioprocessing

The continued efforts to intensify bioprocesses will drive higher manufacturing efficiency and lower costs.

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Mechanistic Modeling

Modeling of cell culture systems through hybrid modeling.

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Deep Learning

Making sense of complex data using artificial intelligence.

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Science Snippets is a collection of blog topics designed to simplify and empower progress in life science and bioprocessing.

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