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Sartorius supports creative technologies and businesses to foster entrepreneurship and cultivate innovation. We invite students, academics, universities, start-ups and established companies to reach out and explore the various options and resources of cooperation that Sartorius provides to advance ideas and endow these with economic value. How can Sartorius support you?

"An open innovation culture and entrepreneurship go hand in hand and are the means by which Sartorius develops and collaborates on new ideas as well as future business and services opportunities. No innovation happens from scratch alone; therefore, flexibility and openness are key to applying creative changes at an early stage and at a small scale."

Oscar-Werner Reif, Head of Corporate Research, CTO

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DFKI: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Life Sciences

Sartorius is a shareholder of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), developing applications to produce advanced medications.

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2023: Sartorius & Repligen

Integrated system with Biostat STR® and XCell® ATF for upstream process intensification.

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2023: Sartorius & Emerson

Integrated control system provides foundation for semi-autonomous operations. 

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RUO Cytokines Cell Culture vials

2023: Sartorius & Qkine

Commercializing growth factors and cytokines as part of a complete solution for stem cell and organoid research.

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2023: Sartorius & Stanford 

Extended collaboration to develop a scalable platform for large-scale human iPSC production.

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2023: Sartorius & Waters

Expanded collaboration to deliver comprehensive bioanalytics for downstream biomanufacturing.

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2023: Sartorius & va-Q-tec

Long-term partnership for the joint development of innovative transport systems for the biopharma industry.

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2023: Sartorius & RoosterBio

Collaboration to advance downstream purification processes for the manufacture of exosomes.

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2022: Sartorius & BICO

Agreement on technology and R&D collaboration, as well as sales and marketing cooperation. 

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2021: Sartorius & Penn State 

Long-term partnership to advance multidisciplinary teaching and research in biotechnology.

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2017: Sartorius & Repairon

Development, manufacturing and commercialization of induced pluripotent stem-cell-based tissues.

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Great Collaboration Opportunities for Startups

Interview with Sven Wagner, Sartorius’ Head of Business Development and co-head of the Life Science Factory.

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Explore Our Open Labs

Open Labs

To promote innovation and scientific advances, Sartorius supports the idea of open laboratories. Located at sites around the world, these labs enable external partners and customers to collaborate with Sartorius specialists in research and development for fostering innovation and exploring new ideas to achieve a common goal: technological breakthroughs that lead to better health for more people.

Open Lab Boston

Sartorius has an incubator lab for open collaboration, housed in the Science incubator lab facility (Smart labs) of the Innovation Square in the Seaport district of Boston. This proximity to incubator startup companies provides an ideal environment for fostering innovation and new ideas.

Innovation Fields

  • Miniaturization workflows
  • PAT and Analytics

  • Novel responsive materials

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Open Lab Göttingen

In Göttingen, we have a life science and bioprocessing research open lab that houses a full range of bioprocessing capability from 15mL small-scale ambr tools through to 2000L single-use scale. Research concept examples include the high cell density rocking motion perfusion, frozen seed workflows, perfusion development and mechanistic model generation for upstream and downstream processing. 

Innovation Fields

  • Bioprocessing workflows
  • PAT & Advanced Control
  • Digital Bioprocessing

Sartorius AI Lab

Sartorius and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) have established the Sartorius AI Lab (SAIL) research laboratory. At DFKI in Kaiserslautern, the use of artificial intelligence in Sartorius products and platform solutions is being experimentally tested and further developed at SAIL.

Innovation Fields

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data analytics

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Life Science Factory

Sartorius promotes life science startups and attracts entrepreneurs from this sector. The Life Science Factory initiated by Sartorius in Göttingen offers space and support to prospective scientific entrepreneurs and young companies willing to take their first steps beyond the comfort zone of academic institutions.

Innovation Fields

  • Life science startups
  • Founders

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Training and Application Center

The Training and Application Center at Sartorius Campus in Göttingen provides customers with the opportunity to learn about and test-run Sartorius products for biotechnological applications.

Innovation Fields

  • Bioanalytics
  • Drug discovery
  • Cell line development
  • Bioprocessing

Sartorius Data Lab

Sartorius Data Lab represents our ongoing development of a modern cloud-based data management and collaboration platform, that will enable secure hosting of large scale and data-rich datasets readily accessible for users. Sartorius Data Lab supports collaborative analysis for joint development data analytic tools to help the biopharma industry transition to industry 4.0.

Innovation Fields

  • Artifical intelligence

  • Cloud-based collaboration

  • Data Management

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