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The Opportunities to Collaborate with Sartorius are Virtually Endless

Read the Interview with Dr. Sven Wagner, Sartorius' Head of Business Development.

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Life Science Factory Opens its Doors to Startups

The non-profit Life Science Factory initiated by Sartorius celebrated its official virtual soft opening on January 19, 2022.

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Oscar-Werner Reif on How Sartorius Drives Innovation

Read the Interview with Oscar-Werner Reif, Head of Corporate Research, on the Sartorius Blog.

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"With innovative tools and technologies, Sartorius supports life science research and the biopharmaceutical industry. We help to ensure that new scientific discoveries can be translated more quickly into effective patient care and that more people have access to better medicines."

Joachim Kreuzburg, CEO

Our Approach


In a cooperative approach, Sartorius takes both external and internal ideas into account to generate scientific and technological know-how.

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Scientist with Arium Comfort

Open Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Through collaboration and partnerships, Sartorius drives innovation for technological breakthroughs that lead to better health for more people.

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Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board, a multi-disciplinary international board, comprises leading experts in a diverse range of life science areas.

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