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BIA Separations Is Now Part of Sartorius

Sartorius successfully closed the acquisition of the Slovenian purification specialist BIA Separations. All portfolios represent an excellent fit, adding best-in-class technology for simplifying drug discovery and advancing bioprocessing to Sartorius’ already strong offering. The teams involved look forward to combining capabilities and serving their biopharma and life science customers together.

Sartorius Closes Acquisition of BIA Separations
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The right chromatography tools for the right tasks - and the skills to use them:

CIMmultus™ Line

Our monolithic columns products serve as robust enabling tools for the purification of large biomolecules

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CIMac™ and PATfix™

Analytical chromatography solutions designed for fast and reproducible HPLC monitoring and quantitation of biomolecules

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Downstream Process Development Service

Technical support, purification process development, analytical method development and immobilization services.

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Adeno-Associated Virus

Non-Affinity Platforms for Purification of All AAV Serotypes

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Messenger RNA

The most comprehensive chromatographic toolbox for purification of mRNA - from affinity to reverse phase

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Plasmid DNA

Ready-to-use Process Pack for pDNA purification

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