Hollow Fiber Modules for Upstream and Downstream Tangential Flow Filtration

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WaterSep BioSeparations Is Now Part of Sartorius

Sartorius acquired US-based filtration expert WaterSep BioSeparations. WaterSep’s innovative bioprocessing products fit nicely into Sartorius’ current gene and cell therapy applications, vaccine production and intensified bioprocessing solutions. The addition of single use tangential flow products advances Sartorius’ strong emphasis on lowering the cost of bioprocessing and shortening customer’s time to market.

Sartorius Acquires WaterSep BioSeparations
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Discover New Tangential Flow Products, Applications and Services

The hollow fiber product for your specific biopharma tangential flow application.

Hollow Fiber Modules

Single use Green Line, autoclavable Steamer Line and reusable ReUse Line hollow fiber modules made to match your TFF application.

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Single use, customizable tangential flow assemblies.

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PC controlled console systems with feed flow and pressure control capabilities.

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Vaccine Applications

Our hollow fiber modules clarify mammalian and bacterial cells and concentrate/diafiltrate recombinant proteins for vaccine applications.

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Calculators that determine the module size and operating conditions for your application.

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Upstream and Downstream Process Development Service

Application support, feasibility studies, and filtration process development.

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