PharmTech Presents: Introduction to High Resolution Integrated Weighing 

As manufacturers look to reduce costs and improve productivity the demand for automated processes that are fast, accurate and reproducible increases. In many industries the need for in line weight determination is a fundamental step in the process often requiring a measuring device that is capable of handling very low weights to high levels of accuracy in an environment where the conditions for weighing are far from ideal. Add to this the need to ensure safe loading and unloading, capture and interpret this data quickly and efficiently and package this in a unit that takes up minimal space and it’s easy to see why for manufacturers and their machine builders this can prove to be a major challenge.

In this presentation we look at the type of products that are available to support projects where high resolution weight determination is essential and what needs to be considered when designing a system that requires an integrated solution.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the concept of integrated weighing and the different components involved
  • Gain valuable guidance in how to select the correct weighing solution for your application
  • Understand the important considerations required for successful installation and what to avoid

Mike Albon
Business Manager – Integrated Weigh Cells

Mike Albon is the Business Manager for Integrated Weigh Cells at Sartorius Corporation, North America. Mike has spent his entire career in the weighing industry and has a passion for all kinds of weighing technology. Mike has worked for several of the largest manufacturers in the weighing industry and has held several positions in Global Business Development, Sales Management and Product Development. Mike uses his 40+ years in the industry to assist customers in integrating weighing technology into a diverse range of applications.

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