Partnerships with Medical Device and In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Kit Manufacturers

In order to get products to the market faster, medical device and in vitro diagnostics (IVD)manufacturers need reliable tools that meet their specific requirements and simplify processes. They need a trusted global partner who can provide valuable expertise and a reliable supply of critical reagents and consumables. 

Sartorius is a global supplier of innovative laboratory consumables and instrumentation solutions to companies conducting life science and medical research. This collection of case studies is designed to help medical device and IVD manufacturers see how other companies in their field have worked with Sartorius to bring innovative products to patients.

Each case study outlines the company’s unique needs, how they engaged with Sartorius, and how Sartorius was able to deliver a solution that accelerated their progress.

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Business Cases

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Scientist pipetting

Customized Pipette System Supports Reliable Manufacturing

The customer needed a liquid handling solution for preparing samples for pathogen detection using PCR. 

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Centrifugal Concentrator Enables Sensitive Point-of-Care Diagnostic

The customer needed reliable centrifugal concentrators for processing patient samples.

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Syringe Filters with Luer Lock Connection Secure Sample Processing

The diagnostic manufacturing company needed syringe filtration devices as part of consumables kit for a Dx instrument.

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CellCelector Flex Fetal Cell Image Gallery Clinical Test Fetal Cells cbNIPT

Enabling Isolation of Pure Single Fetal Cells from Maternal Blood

In prenatal care you need to get access to fetal DNA to test the developing fetus for genetic diseases.

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Solution to biocompatibility challenges in medical device manufacturin...

Creating an Anti-adsorptive and Biocompatible Coating for ECMO Blood Oxygenation Devices.

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Improve ALS and Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis

Statistical data analysis (OPLS) improves the diagnosis of ALS and PD.

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*The case studies do not reveal the name of the company, the name of the technology, or any other proprietary information. The purpose is to demonstrate how Sartorius can partner with other manufacturers to deliver custom solutions.

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