Calibration Services for Laboratory Balances, Pipettes and Weights

Requirements on the accuracy of your laboratory data are steadily increasing. To ensure that your measuring and test equipment delivers precise, reliable and traceable results of the highest quality, it needs to be calibrated at regular intervals. Our quality calibration expertise is internationally recognized, and our scope of knowledge expands beyond our own range of equipment. We directly provide all calibration needs, including other manufacturers’ brand equipment.

Comprehensive Instrument Calibration Services Offered

  • Professional calibration of laboratory balances, pipettes and weights
  • Services performed from a single source
  • Calibration of instruments from other manufacturers’ brands
  • Additional maintenance, cleaning and adjustment services – depending on your needs
  • Choice of calibration at your site or ours, taking into account your location-specific condition

For Accredited Calibration

  • Recognition of your calibration certificates worldwide by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)
  • Guaranteed traceability to your national standards
  • Clear presentation of all measured results on the calibration certificate and of the calculated uncertainty of measurement

Your Equipment in the Best Hands: Instrument Calibration at Sartorius

  • Specially trained service technicians stand by you to provide expert technical advice and ensure the best calibration results
  • Most advanced calibration laboratory explicitly designed and built for the purpose of calibration and adjustment
  • Proprietary software that consistently delivers reliable results
  • Recognized metrology specialists contribute their expertise on national and international regulatory committees and drive innovative progress in metrology
  • Accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 in many countries

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Harald Wehe, Service Technician, Germany

Always be perfectly prepared for the next quality audit. Our accredited calibration service will eliminate the surprise factor, saving you lots of trouble down the road due to non-conforming equipment.

Laboratory Weighing Services

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We are highly trained professionals who are able to calibrate a wide variety of equipment, including other manufacturers’ brands.

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Prospect: Sartorius Calibration Certificate

A Sartorius calibration certificate provides recognized and documented proof of the traceability of the accuracy of your equipment, showing information on the uncertainty of measurement, among other data. In our prospect you find detailed information that thoroughly explains the data shown on a Sartorius calibration certificate.

Cutting-Edge Calibration Lab in Göttingen, Germany, Ensures the Best Possible Results

Located in Göttingen, Germany, our cutting-edge Calibration Center with DAkkS-certified laboratories is ideally suited for calibration of weights. Thomas Fehling, Head of the Mechatronic Solution Group, explains the special features of this facility's design.

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Calibration is the comparison of a measured value with a known, i.e. correct, value. For example, during calibration of laboratory balances, the indications shown on the display are compared with known test weights. The documented values, as well as the values calculated (e.g., deviation, uncertainty of measurement), represent the calibration result.

Please contact your nearest service center for detailed instructions by completing the contact form to order calibration or other services. Decontaminate and carefully pack your pipettes and schedule courier pickup service, if available for your selected region.

A measuring instrument is considered to deliver traceable results if they are referenced to a national or an international standard through an unbroken chain of comparisons, all having stated uncertainties. Therefore, verification of traceability ensures international comparability and, thus, the reliability of measurement results.

Important information: In many countries, only accredited calibration certificates or certificates issued by national metrology institutes are accepted as evidence of metrological traceability. No other calibration certificates (e.g., ISO calibration certificates or verification certificates) are valid as forms of evidence. For further information, visit International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation.

A laboratory accredited for compliance with ISO 17025 has demonstrated the quality of its calibration data to an independent accreditation body, such as UKAS in the U.K., ANAB in the USA or DAkkS in Germany. Calibration certificates issued by accredited laboratories offer the highest possible degree of reliability and are recognized worldwide.

Calibration of laboratory balances must be performed directly at the place of their use. For your pipette, calibration is offered at one of our advanced calibration laboratories or on site in your lab. On-site calibration guarantees the fastest possible turnaround, which is especially advantageous if you use your pipettes daily.

The uncertainty of measurement provides reliable information about the quality of a measurement result. It indicates the range of values in which the true measured value lies. The lower the uncertainty of measurement, the narrower the range within which the true value lies. Accredited calibration certificates issued by Sartorius state the uncertainty of measurement in an easy-to understand way and provide confidence in interpreting your measured values.


Metrological White Paper Bundle

With its series of white papers that will gradually be compiled into a Best Practice Guide: Lab Weighing, Sartorius provides practical answers to the most important questions and issues revolving around the subject of weighing in the laboratory.

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