Cubis® High-Capacity

Speed and Reliable Results for the Largest Sample Size

As the size of samples increases, the requirements on a balance will change accordingly as well. In the relatively harsh environment of testing facilities, much larger container dimensions and material quantities call for significantly more rugged weighing instruments than those used in QC or research laboratories, not to mention the higher demands placed on their protection and cleaning.

Featuring IP54 protection and top-quality, smooth surfaces, the new Cubis® high-capacity balances are more than capable of withstanding these conditions: they consistently deliver reliable results, even under the most adverse conditions, all the way up to 70 kg with a readability of 0.1 g.

Plus, Cubis® high-capacity balances also offer the full spectrum of options for easy process integration, generating further synergies for unique and custom-tailored solutions, especially with the MSA display and Q-Apps.

More Space for Large Sample Containers

On extra-size Cubis® weighing pans of 300 x 400 mm (nearly 12" x 16"), even large vessels will have enough space for safe and secure positioning. The sleek, high-quality pan surfaces and easily removable control units permit quick and thorough cleaning.

User-friendly and Flexible Use

With a removable display for remote or raised use on a support arm (accessory option YDH02MS), you can set up your balance the way you need it to minimize stress and strain, even when working with heavy loads.

Keep Leveling under Control – Always

You'll stand to benefit by the continuous monitoring function to ensure that your balance is always correctly level. Perform quick manual leveling with interactive operator guidance prompts on the display.