Single-Use Crossflow

Speed Up with Single-Use Crossflow Solutions

Reduce Time-to-Market

Single-use crossflow solutions are the key technology in fast and reliable downstream processing of biopharmaceutical products. Using a pre-sanitized, sterile single-use crossflow device enables the reduction of process steps, labor costs and buffer or WFI usage significantly. Our crossflow single-use systems set a benchmark in process safety and user friendliness. Smart process transfers are supported by our DCU-4 platform technology and analysis tools.

SARTOFLOW® Alpha plus SU

Combining Excellence in Crossflow Filtration with Pre-Sterilized Single-Use Technology

Crossflow performance meets high end single-use technology plus automatic process control. The cGMP compliant SARTOFLOW® Alpha plus SU is the ideal choice for companies with frequently changing productions like:

  • Contract manufacturers
  • Research and development applications
  • Small scale production cycles

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FlexAct® CF

Single-use Solution for Ultra- & Diafiltration

FlexAct® process solution for single-use ultrafiltration and diafiltration. Featuring a capsulated pre-sterilized Crossflow Filter Loop assembly, this innovative member of the FlexAct® family also includes a pre-flushed Self Contained Hydrosart® Sartocube® with a membrane area of 1.4 and 3.5 m². These pre-flushed filter elements speed up your processes, while saving you substantial quantities of WFI needed for rinsing.

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Bag Loop with Sartocon® Slice Self Contained

SARTOFLOW® Alpha plus SU is equipped with a gamma pre-sterilized bag-loop-assembly. All product contacting surface areas of the assembly are supplied sterile and made from single-use components for highest process security. The single-use concept is an ideal choice for contract manufacturers, research and development applications and all companies with multiproduct through-put. The gamma sterilized bag loop assembly consists of a Hydrosart® (Cellulose based) or Polyethersulfone membrane polymer integrated into a self contained filter unit, tubing, four pressure domes, retentate and permeate flow meters, two valve bodies for back pressure control in the retentate and permeate line, peristaltic pump tubing and a 10 L recirculation bag and a vent filter.

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Filter Loop with Self Contained Sartocube®

For single-use processing FlexAct® CF is supplied with a gamma sterilized filter-loop-assembly consisting of a pre-flushed Self Contained Sartocube® and two pressure domes. Due to the fully enclosed design the assembly is well suited for vaccine, recombinant protein and highly toxic ADC production.

The gamma sterilized loop assembly consists of a Hydrosart® (Cellulose based) or Polyethersulfone membrane polymer integrated into a self contained filter unit, two pressure domes, a TMP control pinch valve, a disposable pump head and tubing with Opta® connectors. Feed and permeate lines are color coded.

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