Process Control & Data Analytics (PAT)

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Process Analytical Technology (BioPAT®)

Analytics and Sensors for Uni-/ Multi-variate Data Gathering: Real Time Monitoring & Control

Biopharmaceutical production processes have changed significantly due to overall titer improvements and the increasing development of single-use technologies. The introduction of robust and reliable single-use sensors further enhances the benefits of single-use processing concepts. They enable you to use Process Analytical Technology (PAT) approaches for effective automation and optimization.

BioPAT® Toolbox

Risk Mitigation, Cost Savings, Capacity Adaption

Process Analyzers

Indispensable tools within the BioPAT® framework, which generate the front end data on Critical Processing Parameters (CPP).

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Preconfigured modules to enable plug-and-play setup of advanced SCADA functionalities.

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Data Analytics & Chemometrics

Advanced multivariate methods, ready to be integrated in your existing process control software BioPAT® MFCS.

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Whitepaper In-line Monitoring / Real-Time Release Testing

To decrease the long lead times for drug products, product characterization, critical process parameter, and impurity testing needs to move away...

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