Process Automation Platform and Software

Stable and robust processes require sophisticated control of critical process parameters (CPPs) based on reliable data acquisition, storage and evaluation capabilities. State-of the-art process control prevents or mitigates risks of producing faulty batches and represents a further step towards knowledge- and risk-based production of biopharmaceutical products.

Combined with process analyzers, process control & software tools provide an excellent approach for prospective quality assurance. Regarding the variability of input materials and production conditions, these software tools keep the CPPs within a proven operating range or design space, resulting in an overall increased process reproducibility and consistent high product quality.


The SCADA Software for reliable data acquisition, monitoring, and control in bioprocess applications.

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The validatable BioPAT® digital control unit (DCU) is a local control system developed for automation of bioprocesses.

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Biobrain® is a GMP-compliant automation platform enabling advanced process monitoring and control.

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