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Process Intensification: Cost, Energy and Facility Footprint

As manufacturers move to intensification, they must change unit operations, processes, even facility type. But the rewards, including increased productivity and reduced timelines, are significant.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to calculate the cost implications of various process intensification scenarios and how to make operational changes that increase productivity and unlock additional flexibility.

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What You Will Learn

  1.  Understand cost implications of process intensification scenarios
  2.  Consider the impact of up and downstream processes on energy, water and PMI
  3.  Learn how process intensification affects facility footprint

Meet Our Experts

Priyanka Gupta

Head of External Collaborations, Separations Technology

Priyanka Gupta is the Head of External Collaborations for Separation Technologies at Sartorius. Priyanka has almost 20 years of experience in process development. Her experience managing process modeling activities has afforded her a deep understanding of the economic impact of implementing Process Intensification for various modalities and scales.

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