4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 Medium

Vero Cell Media

Support the Growth of Vero Cells for Virus Production

Vero cells are one of the most commonly used mammalian cell lines and are widely accepted by regulatory authorities. As a result, they have been used extensively in the production of both live and inactivated viral vaccines. 4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 provides a ready-to-use, chemically defined, and serum- and animal component-free medium for vaccine process developers who need rapid development and easy scale-up to clinical production. The medium supports Vero cell growth in 2D monolayers and 3D microcarrier suspension culture systems. It offers the safety and quality required for a wide range of cGMP vaccine production and other biotherapeutics such as oncolytic viruses

Vero Cell Culture Media

Next-Gen Vero Media for Consistent Results, Maximum Control

The chemically defined 4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 Medium is developed with ultrapure inorganic and organic ingredients, without animal components or any plant, yeast extract or peptone.

  •  Available in bottles, bags, and powder with frozen supplement
  •  100% chemically-defined, free of animal components and serum
  • Increase the safety of biological products
  • Facilitate downstream product purification
  • Consistently provide superior cell growth and enhance virus titer productivity for vaccines and oncolytic manufacturing

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Accelerate Viral Vaccine Development by Optimizing Vero Cell Growth

Biologics-based medicines offer the potential to address many unmet medical needs. To keep pace with the market demand for these therapies, biopharmaceutical developers are actively looking for more efficient and robust production platforms to reduce timelines and overall development costs. The choice of media can have a significant impact on throughput, productivity, and scalability and so should be considered carefully when initiating a biologics campaign. To this end, 4Cell® NutriVero™ medium is a complete platform that can speed up vaccine development by enabling rapid, high-yield, and scalable virus production from Vero mammalian cells.

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Efficiently Produce Oncolytic Viruses Grown in Vero Cells

Oncolytic viruses are a form of immunotherapy that rely on modified viruses to target and attack cancer cells through a combined mechanism of action. The first and only FDA-approved oncolytic drug therapy uses a recombinant HSV-1 virus produced in Vero cells. 4Cell® NutriVero™ medium is a complete platform that can speed up oncolytic virus development by enabling rapid, high-yield, and scalable virus production from mammalian Vero cells.

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Application Note

4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 Medium

Impact of a Chemically Defined Medium on Vero Cells Growth and Productivity Essential in Vaccine Manufacturing

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Vero Cells and Virus Production

Novel Chemically Defined, Animal Component-Free Medium for Vero Cells and Virus Production for Human and Animal Vaccines

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Additional Vero Cell Culture Media


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FAQ - NutriVero Media

Vero cells are among the most common continuous cell lines accepted by regulatory authorities for the manufacture of vaccines. They are highly susceptible to infection with a variety of viruses, and their stability and robustness make them the ideal choice for vaccine production.

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Application Note

Expansion of Vero Cells on Hillex® II Microcarriers via Serial Passage in Stirred Vessels

PDF | 690.4 KB

4Cell® Nutrivero™ Flex 10 Medium – Impact of a Chemically Defined Medium on Vero Cells Growth and Productivity Essential in Vaccine Manufacturing

PDF | 623.4 KB

A Complete Chemically Defined, Animal Component-Free Medium  for Vero Cells and Virus Production

PDF | 648.6 KB

Development of Chemically Defined Medium for Vero Cells

PDF | 659.5 KB

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Consult Our Experts

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