Antibody & Recombinant Protein Media

Non-Animal Origin Media for High Titer Production of Proteins and Antibodies

Recombinant protein production processes use dedicated animal cell lines. The choice of media depends on the cell line used, which itself is selected depending on the product of interest. Sartorius have developed high quality & high performance serum-free, non-animal origin formulations for all protein production CHO cell lines.

Customized Solutions for Unique Needs

Production-Focused Approach to Produce Your Unique Media Solutions

Perfect choice for clients who have known, desired media composition and outcome expectations. For critical raw materials, you can either request specific suppliers or rely upon Sartorius' established global network of qualified suppliers. Customized packaging, media formats, and release assays are also available upon request.

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Cell Line Service

How a Single Provider Can Reduce Protein Biologic Development Risk

In this webinar, Sartorius and Sonnet BioTherapeutics discuss the benefits of the Sartorius CHO Platform of integrated products and services.

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Protein Expression Platform

Fast Development of Coronavirus Vaccines

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Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cell Culture Media

PowerCHO 2, GS and Advance are chemically defined, serum-free and non-animal origin CHO media. For therapeutic bioprocessing applications, these protein-free formulations also facilitate both downstream purification and regulatory compliance.

Free of glutamine, hypoxanthine, thymidine and phenol red.

ProCHO 4 and 5 are serum-free, protein free and non-animal origin media for supporting high density CHO cells in suspension.

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