Regenerative Medicine Media

High Efficiency Cell Cultivation

Robust Efficient Performance for Cell and Gene Therapy Applications

In regenerative medicine and cell therapy treatments cells are treated as the medical product replacing missing or dysfunctional patient´s cells. Cells are taken from the donor, cultivated, expanded and eventually manipulated ex-vivo before being administrated to the patient. The cells can either be autologous (where the recipient is also the donor) or allogeneic (where the donor and recipient are distinct individuals). The cells used in cell therapy can be primary cells or from cell lines. The most important cells are hematopoietic cells (T or B lymphocytes, dendritic or natural killer cells), tissue cells (skin, etc.), and stem cells isolated from bone marrow and fat tissues.

Media for Gene Therapy Processes

Adenovirus and Adeno-Associated Virus Production Using Insect-Xpress™ and Pro293™ Media

Adenovirus and adeno-associated virus are widely used as vectors for gene therapy applications. HEK293 cells and insect cells are the main platforms for producing these vectors.

Insect-XPRESS™ medium is a protein-free formulation designed to support the growth of insect cell lines derived from Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf9 and Sf21). High cell densities can be achieved with suspension cultures of Sf9 cells using Insect-XPRESS™ Medium and an excess of oxygen. This formulation can also be used for stationary mono-layer cultures and shake-flask cultures.

Pro293™ chemically defined, serum-free media are optimized to support high-density growth and production in 293 neonatal kidney cells. They are chemically defined to ease regulatory compliance and downstream protein purification. They contain very low levels of recombinant human insulin, and are free of animal-origin components.



Customized Solutions for Unique Needs

Production-Focused Approach to Produce Your Unique Media Solutions

Perfect choice for clients who have known, desired media composition and outcome expectations. For critical raw materials you can either request specific suppliers or rely upon Sartorius Lonza’s established global network of qualified suppliers. Customized packaging, media formats, and release assays are also available upon request.

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Attractive Other Media for Primary Cell-Based Processes

Other Serum-Free Media Are Also Available for Dedicated Primary Cells

TheraPEAK™ chemically defined media, are intended to support cell growth without serum supplementation. These media are chemically defined indicating that it contains only constituents of known molecular structure. TheraPEAK™media are of primary interest to those seeking maximal control over research and manufacturing variables. TheraPEAK™ media formulations are complete and contain human albumin, recombinant human insulin, pasteurized human transferrin, HEPES, and L-glutamine.

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