Immune Cell Media

T Cell and Immunotherapy Media

Cell Activation and Expansion for Immunotherapy and Immunology Research

Elucidating the complex cellular interactions involved in immune responses is critical to developing novel and effective immunotherapies. This requires effective and consistent tools to standardize immunology research. Sartorius offers high-quality media, developed and optimized specifically for culturing PBMCs, T cells, CAR-Ts and TILs. With the serum-free, xeno-free 4Cell® Nutri-T Media, you can simplify your process, reduce the risks associated with serum, and ease your regulatory procedures.

Robust T Cell and Immunotherapy Culture

Cell-Based Immunotherapy Culture

  • Serum-free, xeno-free media
  • Optimized for T cell, TIL, CAR-T and PBMC applications
  • Excellent performance without the addition of human serum
  • Manufactured in compliance with cGMP guidelines
  • Seamless transition from research to the clinic

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Culture Medium for T cells, CAR-Ts, TILs, and PBMCs for Clinical Application

Serum-free, xeno-free, ready-to-use medium provides excellent performance with both healthy and patient-derived donor cells.

  • Drug Master File is available
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 13408 and cGMP guidelines
  • Regulatory and scientific consultation and assistance
  • Scale-up and customization capabilities

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Optimal Medium for T cells, CAR-Ts, TILs and PBMCs

  • Serum-free, xeno-free formulation
  • Ready to use
  • Excellent proliferation without the addition of serum
  • Consistent and reliable results for both healthy and patient-derived donor cells
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 13408 and cGMP guidelines
  • Supports all T cell populations and other immune cells

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Ideal for the Activation and Expansion of T Cells, NK and CIK Cells

  • Animal derived component-free (ADCF)
  • Provides high cell yield and desired phenotypes
  • Manufactured in accordance with cGMP guidelines
  • Preclinical and GMP versions available
  • High purity and extremely low endotoxin levels

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Expand Lymphocytes with 4Cell® Nutri-T Xeno- and Serum-Free Medium

4Cell® Nutri-T: Learn the benefits of a xeno- and serum-free medium for process control and selective expansion of cell subpopulations.

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Excellent Performance and Flexibility

High Cytotoxic Activity

4Cell® Nutri-T medium promotes higher IFN-gamma secretion post-co-culturing with autologous patient’s melanoma cells compared to competitor medium + 5% human serum

High Expansion Rate of PBMCs

4Cell® Nutri-T medium supports a higher expansion rate of healthy PBMCs compared to competitor media

High Expansion Rate of CAR-T Cells

4Cell® Nutri-T medium supports a higher expansion rate of CAR-T cells compared to competitor media

High Percentage of CD8+ Cells

4Cell® Nutri-T medium exhibits a high percentage of CD8+ cells in patient-derived cancer cells for TIL processes

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Sartorius’ Cell Culture Media for Your Cell-Based Immunotherapy 

4Cell® Nutri-T is the ideal culture medium for the development and scale-up of T-cell-based therapeutic immunotherapy and cell therapy applications. It is the only medium that does not require the addition of serum, hence simplifying the process, and is more compliant with regulatory requirements.

  • Quickly generate high cell yields
  • Increase therapeutic potential
  • Enable seamless clinical transitions
  • Trust lot-to-lot consistency and extensive documentation

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Cytokines for Immune Cell Culture

Target immune cell growth with different combinations of cytokines such as IL-2, IL-7, IL-15 and IL-21

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Freezing Media

Maximize post-thaw recovery with fully defined optimized freezing solutions validated for the cryopreservation of lymphocytes.

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Flow Cytometry

Combine cell immuno-phenotyping, cell health, and cytokine analysis to quantitate immune cell function

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Multi-Parallel Bioreactors

Increase productivity and shorten development timelines with high throughput, multi-parallel bioreactors.

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Development of a Target Binding SPR Assay for Therapeutic Antibodies and Fc Fusion Proteins

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Application Note

CAR-T Expansion Using the Sartorius T-Cell Expansion Solution

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